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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Bobby Au Yeung Wins 'Best Comedy Performance' at the '22nd Asian Television Awards'


J2 Clip


Asian Television Awards 2017 Nominations

TVB's 'Ratings Lucky Star' Bobby Au Yeung won 'Best Comedy Performance by an Actor/Actress' for the TVB series "House of Spirits" at the '22nd Asian Television Awards'. This time, there were eight nominees, with Bobby being the only one who is not from Singapore. To be able to beat his competitors, Bobby expressed on stage that Singapore was his lucky place because he won 'My Favourite TVB Male TV Character' at 'StarHub TVB Awards 2016'. He also did not forget to thank his wife, Rosanna Fu, and also said that, after getting married, his wife has never yelled at him.

He, who has already returned to Hong Kong from Singapore today, expressed in an on.cc phone interview, "Filmed a series and won an award this year...can be considered an abundant harvest. Won an award and have food to eat, and the ratings of "My Ages Apart" are also good. (On stage, you said that your wife has never yelled at you, which made people envious!" I was just joking. The people at the awards presentation do not really understand Cantonese. My Mandarin is also so-so". He said that, although his wife did not fly over, she saw the live broadcast. He said, "Going outside of Hong Kong as a comedy actor (this title), it is even more professional to win an award for comedy. Well, it is even more expensive to see a specialist. Comedy is not that easy to do because you have to have a certain level of experience to be able to do it. Apart from presenting the 'Best Actor' award, TVB should also add a 'Comedy Leading Actor' award because there are many actors who are really good at comedy, such as Mimi Chu, Benz Hung, etc. (Will also be going the comedy route afterward?) Can't help it. Already taking my appointed place now. Also happy myself to be able to make so many people happy".

He also said that he had to thank Virginia Lok and Catherine Tsang. He said, "Have to thank Miss Lok because, for last time's Emmy Awards and this time's awards presentation, she was the one who called me, telling me to adjust my schedule to attend. When playing mahjong with Catherine, I even have to sit ahead of her...rely on her whether I am able to win or not. Catherine always gives me good tiles". In addition, TVB programme "5 Kids and a Bloke", which was hosted by Tony Hung, also won 'Best Children's Programme'.

Personal Note: Congratulations to Bobby...a well-deserved win! :D

*Credits to reiakiryu and on.cc

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