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Saturday, December 30, 2017

"The Exorcist's Meter" Sub Song (Hubert Wu & Ram Chiang Live Duet Version)


Hubert Wu won 'Best Performance Male Singer' at "J.S.G. Awards Presentation 2017", which was presented by guest Ram Chiang. Hubert was moved when expressing that he was extremely happy: "Thanks to TVB, boss Herman Ho, my record company, and my colleagues. Taking this opportunity to thank the music collaborators. Created many good series songs this year...also very proud of this. A special thanks to the music team that I collaborated with for the first time...hope that there is another good creation later! This year is a fruitful year. Have gotten everyone's support, trust, and love. I will do my part as a singer and sing even more good songs. Thanks to the fans". When Hubert was singing "Far Away", he even invited Ram to duet with him.

When interviewed, did he anticipate receiving a major award? Hubert said that he originally thought that the duet was a performance to entertain the guests; he did not know that it was the performance after winning the award: "Extremely surprised. Also, receiving this award from Teacher Chiang's hands has great significance. When filming 'The Exorcist's Meter' back then, he took great care of me and was very amiable. Hubert frankly said that he did not think of receiving this award, and he feels that all the awards he received were for the team: "From now on, must work even harder to urge myself on. (Was really confident in winning an award?) Certainly had confidence because of my team. I am really satisfied with this result".

"Far Away" - Hubert Wu & Ram Chiang

遙不可及 《降魔的》 片尾曲 - 胡鴻鈞/蔣志光

作曲: 張家誠
填詞: 張美賢

每夜裡 漫長路線 盼十分鐘相見
看著你 便無視世間人煙
說著笑 一張俏面 仿似沒有缺點
無能為力寫發展 只要目前

*流星般閃過 遙不可及的痛楚
如想不起我 我都給你留座
從身邊經過 場地或時候錯
我共你 當中欠了甚麼

數十里 漫長路線 記住這一張臉
我願意 又淋著雨等晴天
說著笑 剪影片段 怎拼合這碎片
餘情留夢中去編 當我入眠

Repeat *

流星般閃過 遙不可及的愛火
如想得起我 已經不枉最初
從身邊經過 難受亦甜蜜過
你是我 一首美麗情歌

數十里 漫長路線 盼十分鐘相見
記住了這夜 不想明天

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*Credits to on.cc

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