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Monday, September 7, 2015

《完美叛侶》 "Perfect Traitor" Costume Fitting



Date: September 7, 2015

Temporary Chinese title: 《完美叛侶》
Pinyin title: Yuen Mei Boon Lui
Temporary English title: "Perfect Traitor"
Producer: Au Yiu Hing

Attending Cast: Moses Chan, Maggie Shiu, Ben Wong, Brian Chu, Joey Law, Eileen Yeow, Patrick Dunn, Mandy Lam, Rachel Kan, Cherry Cheung, Candy Chang, Wiliam Chu, Roxanne Tong, Gary Chan, Gogo Cheung, Lee Sing Cheung, English Tang, Sam Tsang, and Lee Lai Lai.

Time: 12:30
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One

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ontv Clip

ontv Clip

Youku Clip



- The series talks about the conflict between married couples. The series does not have many court scenes, as it will mainly talk about how lawyers use their intelligence to solve problems before going to court.
- Through the different cases that Moses Chan encounters, the series hopes for people to reflect on their own problems. For example, he receives a divorce case where the man neglects his family because of work. After solving his client's problems, he realizes his own problems, which also makes him think about when he first entered the industry ten-plus years ago. He previously had an ideal: he did not hope for anyone to be unfairly punished by the law because of money problems. However, years later, he has already forgotten his original intention for becoming a lawyer back then, as he has become someone who does not care about the truth and whose objective is to only help his clients win their case.
- Through Moses' character, the series hopes to bring about a reflection on oneself. Through the 'reminders' of different cases, Moses discovers that he has missed out on many things. In life, you may have lost yourself because of different factors. This is the process of finding one's true self, and it also hopes to remind everyone to find the rawest things in his or her inner world.
- Moses will play an extremely successful solicitor. He is extremely focused on work, always prioritizing his career and placing family last. He does not understand what his family needs. He thinks that he has already given the best life and material things to his family, believing that he is already doing his best; however, wife Maggie Shiu needs his time. He is never beside her; because of this, the two gradually develop cracks in their relationship. Although he knows that Maggie and Ben Wong have known each other since they were young, he does not acknowledge Ben. Afterward, Maggie's mother passes away, and she hopes to bring her mother's ashes back to Indonesia. Although originally agreeing to accompany her to Indonesia, he is unable to go along due to work; in the end, Ben accompanies her to Indonesia. After learning that Ben and Maggie have returned to Indonesia together, he sets a trap to test whether his wife is having an affair. Because Maggie and Ben are innocent, this move makes Maggie think that her husband does not trust her, causing her to make the decision to divorce him. He and Maggie are an old married couple; there are no intense scenes.
- Maggie will play an Indonesian Chinese. She is a woman waiting for love who only wants the simplest love, but her husband cannot give it to her. She gets caught between husband Moses and lover Ben. The love between her and Ben is very pure. It is a happy ending.
- Ben will play a solicitor. He and Moses are frequently opponents in court. He and Maggie grew up in Indonesia together, but she later marries Moses. Although he is married, his wife has passed away. When he re-encounters Maggie, he maintains his single status, hoping to reunite with her. He sees that Maggie is not very happy, so he wants to protect her and take care of her, gradually becoming a third party in their relationship.
- Brian Chu will play Moses' younger brother.
- Candy Chang will play Kwong Sin Yi (鄺倩儀), a trainee solicitor.
- Roxanne Tong will play Ben's sister-in-law. She frequently bickers with Ben, but has actually liked him early on.

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FYI: The official English title of this series is "Between Love & Desire".

Personal Note: Don't like the theme of this series.

*Credits to the-sun, youku, gztv, tvb.com, 狂愛TVB, 香港無線TVB8, stheadline, and eastweek

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