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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Kenneth Ma and Eliza Sam in Vietnam


J2 Clip (091915)

"Scoop" Clip (093015)

Artistes Kenneth Ma and Eliza Sam went to Vietnam earlier to attend a series of promotional events, including a 'SCTV-TVB collaboration' press conference, an evening party, and an autograph session. When the two artistes arrived there, hundreds of fans were already waiting at the airport. Afterward, the two attended a press conference and an evening party, which were held at a hotel. Kenneth and Eliza also followed the local customs, greeting everyone in Vietnamese on stage, and also promoting their anniversary series, "Lord of Shanghai" and "Under the Veil". To thank the fans, the two even sang many songs.

The two also visited an orphanage and attended a charity event.

*Credits to the-sun

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