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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Bobby Au Yeung Partnering Nancy Wu to Film New Version of "Don't Look Now"


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TVB plans to film a new version of "Don't Look Now". Leads Bobby Au Yeung, Nancy Wu, Joyce Tang, etc. encounter strange affairs in a haunted house, with experienced actors Bowie Wu and Helena Law playing happy ghosts! Producer Fong Chun Chiu highly praised the old version as still not being outdated today, and is thus using the old version's concept to repackage a new story. He said, "Back then, the series was more terrifying. This time, the new version is a comedy. There aren't as many scenes of being possessed by ghosts. The storyline is much happier because there are two happy ghosts, Bowie and Helena, in the series. A haunted house will bring out the story. In the series, Bobby is the head of the household. Nancy is not being a ghost anymore, as she plays a person who originally does not believe in ghosts, but changes in the end". He said that, to keep up with the times, the ghosts in the series will use Wi-Fi networks to communicate, and can also be used to treat ghosts!

Bobby expressed over the phone that, when discussing his contract earlier, executive Catherine Tsang already expressed that this series has been left for him because he is able to use his comedic talent. He said, "This time, seniors Helena, Bowie, and Lau Kong are playing ghosts...believe that it would definitely be very funny!" Regarding playing a pair with Nancy this time, Bobby highly praised her acting as being more and more solid: "I admire her. Wouldn't even be a surprise if she were to receive 'TV Queen' this year. Believe that there will be sparks with her!"

Joyce revealed that she would be filming the new version of "Don't" in November. When asked if it is a remake, she said, "Some stories are. Temporarily don't know everything. Will film in the beginning of November!" Producer Tsui Yue On, who was a director for "Don't" back then, revealed that, because it had to follow the shortened "Five Easy Pieces", the filming was extremely rushed: "Had to film it in a month. Everyone camped on set. Could only go home to change clothes and shower every seven days. Very happy that everyone still remembers this series to this day".

Personal Note: More remakes?! Another ghost comedy for Nancy?

Did not expect Nancy to be Bobby's leading lady in this series.

*Credits to the-sun

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