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Friday, August 7, 2015

"Police Dog Brother" Blessing Ceremony


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Bosco Wong, Linda Chung, Tracy Chu, etc. attended the blessing ceremony for the TVB series "Police Dog Brother" in TVB City.

Linda revealed, "This is the third time collaborating with Bosco. In the series, there are many kiss scenes, but just simply superficial contact. (Not enough?) Enough already!" Linda, who acts as a veterinarian in the series, laughingly said that, of the series she has filmed, she has encountered the greatest mouthful of complicated dialogue in this series. Regarding her scenes with dogs, Linda highly praised them for being very obedient and smart, and laughingly said that she has to be on guard, as her performance cannot lose out to the dogs.

Bosco revealed that he is filming in uniform for the first time, laughingly saying that he likes the temptation of uniform. He also mentioned that the dog in the series is actually the male lead: "I have to accommodate its schedule. If it's too hot, must let it go to the air-conditioned room to rest. (Very difficult to serve?) It is very obedient". Bosco revealed that this series is a police series, so there is no lack of gun fights and chase scenes. Regarding having many kiss scenes with Linda in the series, he laughingly said that they are all mainly funny. Tracy and Raymond Wong are responsible for the intense and romantic portion.

Tracy, who has already filmed for a month, expressed that she has to film a water scene and jump off a building: "I get a cramp in the water, and get rescued by Luk Wing. Another scene is me getting drugged by Luk Wing; after digesting it, I go on the rooftop in a daze...so high that I want to jump off the building!" When asked whether she would be afraid of heights, she immediately revealed that has to be on wires for the first time: "Very scared, but have not found the location to film yet. (Easy to get bruised from being on wires?) Can only put padding and wear some more pants".

*Credits to LY920, the-sun, mingpao, stheadline, eastweek, youku, tudou, and gztv

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