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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Kenneth Ma Announces Going Out with Female Colleagues in Advance



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Artiste Kenneth Ma did a recording for the TVB programme "Hungry for Health", revealing that his cervical vertebrae slightly lean forward, so there is a need to work on the neck muscles more. When asked whether it was caused from frequently playing on his cell phone, he said, "There is a slight influence...always looking downward when looking at the cell phone. These are urban diseases. Fortunately, I usually exercise a lot, and I don't have any illnesses, but I did dislocate my knee and shoulder before. Now, there is no strength when I raise my shoulder to a certain angle. (Has an influence on filming action scenes?) I would accommodate it...use my left arm or my body to accommodate it. Fortunately, it is not a really a big problem". He said that he is usually very healthy...usually playing soccer. If he does not have to work, he would sleep early unless there is a soccer match to watch.

Kenneth also said that he just enjoyed a holiday for almost two months. Afterward, he will be flying to Mainland, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, etc. to do stage performances. He, who temporarily does not have to film series, laughingly said that he can take the opportunity to make extra income: "Treat it as being away from the summer. Thinking back on the miserable situation of filming ancient series with headgear, there is a summer for me to have a holiday...not having to film series. I treat it as resting and catching my breath again. Work hard again after getting my body back in good health. (Have you taken this holiday opportunity to date females?) Temporarily have not. Afterward, see if there are any opportunities to go out with female colleagues or female friends".

"Health Is a Lifestyle" Episode 1

*Credits to 江美儀吧, 馬國明官方國際影迷會, the-sun, gztv, and reiakiryu

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