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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

《爸B有話兒》 "Daddy Has Something to Say" Costume Fitting



Date: August 5, 2015

Temporary Chinese title: 《爸B有話兒》
Pinyin title: Ba B Yau Wa Yi
Temporary English title: "Daddy Has Something to Say"
Producer: Poon Ka Tak

Attending Cast: Johnson Lee, Jason Chan, Mandy Wong, Carat Cheung, Candice Chiu, Poon Chi Man, Alice Chan, Ku Ming Wah, So Yan Chi, Brian Thomas Burrell, Snow Suen, Andy Wong, King Lam, Bianca Chan, Marcus Lo, and Chan Pak Hei.

Time: 12:30
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One


ontv Clip

East Week Clip



- Johnson Lee will play Kuk Chi Keung (谷自強), a bad guy who seeks nothing but profit, is loathsome, and stops at nothing. He and ex-wife Snow Suen have an eight-year-old son (played by Marcus Lo). His son has always been cared for by his ex-wife; at most, he sees his son once a week, so he tries his best to act like a good father in front of him. His ex-wife decides to remarry, and has to go out of the country to meet the parents, so he places her son in his care. Thus, there is a major change in his life, and he discovers how difficult it is to take care of a child. In between, there are many interactions between him and his son, and it is his son who teaches him how to do household chores. After spending time with each other for a month, he, who originally has a bad character, has a major change.
- Jason Chan will play Seung Nim Shu (常念書), an architect who has been influenced by 'Tiger Dad Poon Chi Man since he was young, focused on his studies and worked hard to make money after he grew up, and already has a successful career at a young age. He and Candice Chiu had two children within three years, seven-year-old Bianca Chan and six-year-old Chan Pak Hei. One day, he realizes that he had missed out on his children growing up, so he decides to quit his job for a month to become a full-time Dad to take care of his children. However, this is Jason's first firm decision in his life, allowing his wife to return to her job as a physiotherapist. He discovers that he has always neglected many details in life. Although he excels at work, he is actually a household chores idiot, needing the help of his two children in order to resolve household problems.
- Mandy Wong will play Chu Lai Fa (諸麗花), a compassionate tutor. When Johnson goes to work, he brings his son to the children's centre that she works at; through his son, the two develop a relationship. She is also called 「花老師」.
- Carat Cheung will play a teacher at a children's centre.
- Candice will play Ho Lok Chi (何樂姿).
- Poon Chi Man will play Seung San (常新), a 'Tiger Dad' and monster grandfather. He has given Jason an elite education since he was young; however, Jason unexpectedly quits his job as an architect to take care of his children at home. The different methods of education between the two generations causes a lot of friction in the family.
- Alice Chan will play Chu Lai Sin (諸麗仙).
- Ku Ming Wah will play Sek Tung (石冬), who pursues Alice.
- Snow will play Bella, the mother of an eight-year-old son. She is Johnson's ex-wife.
- Bianca will play Seung Yat (常逸).
- Marcus will play Kuk Yau Nam (谷莜楠).
- Chan Pak Hei will play Seung Yi (常懿).

Blessing Ceremony @ TVBE Clip (092315)

Visit @ "Buzz Stop" Clip (101215)

Visit @ ontv Clip (101215)

Completion Banquet @ TVBE Clip (102915)

Completion Banquet @ TVB8 Clip

Completion Banquet @ GZTV Clip (102915)

FYI: The Chinese title of this series has been changed to 《超能老豆》 (literally translated as "Superdad"). The official English title is "Daddy Dearest".

Personal Note: Another series that does not spark any interest....

Mandy is dressed like a Minion. :P

*Credits to reiakiryu, the-sun, eastweek, gztv, singpao, 狂愛TVB, and 香港無線TVB8

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