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Friday, August 21, 2015

Kenneth Ma and Linda Chung Hope to Act as a Couple


Kenneth Ma and Linda Chung hope to act as a couple!

鍾嘉欣坦言 與馬國明不來電

TVBE Clip (082715)

"Scoop" Clip (090215)

Kenneth Ma and Linda Chung expressed that they have been in the industry for 16 and 11 years respectively, participating in many projects and having collaborated with many actors, but the two have never had any real partnering scenes.

Although they have been in the same series, the two only had group scenes; there were only two scenes in which they were in the same shot.

Because of this, both have the intention to collaborate. Linda highly praised Kenneth's acting: "He has a good guy appearance, but having seen much of his acting, discovered that he is able to perform different roles extremely well and on point, and he is also very hardworking!"

Kenneth laughingly said, "Our appearances match very well!"

If there were really an opportunity, 31-year-old Linda hopes to play a couple with Kenneth: "I don't want to act in a comedy with Kenneth; it's not because he is not funny, but I have filmed too many comedies recently. Also previously filmed too many tragedies, so would rather film a love story now".

She also said that romance dramas nowadays are too shallow. She wants to act out a memorable romance.

Forty-one-year-old Kenneth laughingly said that he could play Linda's father, but this suggestion was rejected by her. Linda shouted, "Not playing my dad that fast!"

Linda Chung and Kenneth Ma: No Sparks

TVB fa dan Linda Chung has been in the industry for 11 years, has filmed over 30 series, and has basically collaborated with every siu sang apart from Kenneth Ma and Kevin Cheng. She said that, of the two guys, she anticipates working with Kenneth more: "I think that, in terms of personality, would be easier to communicate".

Kenneth suggested that TVB film a new series with him, Ruco Chan, and Linda in a love triangle! After hearing this, Linda pretended to be angry: "Kenneth, that's enough! Frequently wanting to have rumours with actresses...really shouldn't be like this. How about you finding a real [partner] instead? Don't have rumours!"

How about introducing someone to Kenneth instead? Linda immediately answered, "I am not too familiar with him! Introducing to him seems to not be too good. I also don't have his number. We haven't filmed together before".

She admitted that she and Kenneth give people a 'good' image. Since they are the same type, would it be possible for them to become a couple?

Linda laughingly said, "I really don't know if he is 'hot property'. Many reports say that he is, but I don't know if it's true...must get along with him to know. I hope he really is 'hot property'. You have my blessing!" This means that it is not possible for the two to have sparks.

She hopes to find a kindhearted 'Mr. Right' who makes her feel at ease. Apart from loving her, also hope that her partner 'loves the house and its crow'.

Calls Philip Ng 'Ah Lung'

As for whether Philip fits her criteria for choosing a partner, she did not say, only expressing that the two have a 'very good relationship' and a tacit agreement, but during the interview, she called him 'Ah Lung', and also graciously said that she anticipates filming with him.

Previously, there were Hong Kong reports about TVB intending to find her and her two rumoured boyfriends, Philip and Ruco, to film a series together. Now, it has been confirmed that Philip and Ruco are filming the new series "The Walled City Hero", but the female lead is not her. Linda sighed, "[The reports] are fake. This incident never happened".

If TVB really arranged for the three to act in the same series, she said that, as long as the schedule works out, she would still accept it, but unable to control the role and the story.

'TV King' Chances Are Not High

TVB siu sangs Kenneth and Ruco are referred to as 'hot property'. The two are currently empty in romance, but when Ruco went to Singapore last month, he thought that he would find a partner before Kenneth and settle down. After hearing this, 41-year-old Kenneth first denied being 'hot property', and then laughingly said that he would probably get married before his good friend, simply because he is 'a few years older than he is', seemingly not wanting to let 38-year-old Ruco to overtake him.

Kenneth later changed the topic, saying that Ruco is 'an actor he likes but has not collaborated with', and Linda, who went to Singapore with him this time, is as well.

"I think that Linda and I are very matching in terms of our appearances...strange that we have not collaborated before". He also suggested that TVB film a series starring him, Ruco, and Linda, and the story revolves around their love triangle.

Last year, TVB remade the classic series "The Misadventure of Zoo", starring him and Niki Chow. Last month, the two filmed a promotional clip for the series. At the time, Kenneth revealed that "Rogue Emperor" would be airing this month, but it was unexpectedly pulled off, airing promoted siu sang Vincent Wong's "Brick Slaves" instead. Allegedly, TVB is lacking in 'TV King' candidates this year; thus, this happened so that Vincent is qualified to compete for 'TV King'. Kenneth admitted to not being clear about why there was a change in the schedule, and also did not ask about it, but stated that he does not believe the saying about him being 'sacrificed'.

His last series to be broadcasted, "Noblesse Oblige", aired in January, which is ten months away from the anniversary. Because of this, he thinks that the chances of him becoming 'TV King' are not high.

He expressed that, typically, the ratings of series that air in March, July, and August are not bad, whereas "Noblesse" aired during the new year; the effect on ratings was not little.

Are there hopes on anniversary series "Lord of Shanghai"? He said that, in the past, the ratings of anniversary series were not ideal. If "Rogue" aired this month, he would have more confidence in competing for 'TV King', but looking at the situation on the battlefield now, he does not have confidence.

Kenneth Ma vs. Linda Chung: Foreign Fate

Kenneth Ma immigrated to Canada in 1991 (17 years old). In 1998, he and his entire family returned to Hong Kong. Linda Chung is an authentic [C]BC, as she was born in Vancouver. She participated in Miss Chinese International 2004; after taking the crown, she signed to TVB and entered the industry. In the blink of an eye, she has already lived in Hong Kong for 11 years. Regarding life in Canada, they still miss Canada's 'people' the most!

Missing University Life

UW: "Reporters discovered that you guys have a common point, which is having lived in Canada before. Linda was born in Canada, while Kenneth immigrated to Canada and lived there for eight or nine years. Would you miss life in Canada?"

Linda: "Definitely would. My family and relatives are all in Canada. Only I am in Hong Kong, so still miss my family the most. I also miss Canada's weather. Like the summer there...has the hometown flavour...very warm. (Why do you particularly like summer?) Many people have a holiday in the summer. A holiday is family day. Back then, when studying in Canada, would have a holiday in the summer. Like going to the beach with everyone the most. (Did you do anything wild in Canada?) No, I have always been well-behaved...no night life, do not smoke, do not drink, and have never gone clubbing. (Did you have a curfew?) Actually, my dad and my mom are not strict at all, and also did not set any rules. I had a lot of freedom, but because they gave me a lot of freedom, I had to be even more self-disciplined. (Did you ever rebel?) No. If talking about something that went against my parents, then it was when I was 18 years old in university when I liked a guy and wanted to date him; I was afraid that my parents would oppose, so I would take the opportunity to see him during the breaks of my classes. In university, we choose our own classes, so I would specially choose the classes that had longer breaks, and then secretly go to another school to find my boyfriend. The distance was quite far. Going on foot and taking the bus took an hour. My parents thought that I was still at school, but they actually did not oppose to me dating...did not control me at all. It's just that I thought that they would oppose. That's right...actually, after entering the industry, when I went to the university campus, I even looked at his (Kenneth) picture!"

Kenneth: (puzzled look) "What picture?"

Linda: "I looked for you. Did you know?!"

Kenneth: "That picture must have been a very dull look...."

Linda: "You haven't changed! I really like this university's (Kenneth studied at the University of British Columbia) atmosphere. One time, I went there. A friend said that you were an engineering student at this school, so I went everywhere to look for your student picture".

Kenneth: "Actually, I quite miss the university life. Many friends are still there. Would go back once there's an opportunity. (Why did you immigrate and then return to Hong Kong?) At the time, my entire family immigrated together. Afterward, we all moved back to Hong Kong because my mom likes liveliness. She felt that Canada was very boring, and still liked Hong Kong more. Able to play mahjong, and eat and chat with friends".

A Woman Does Not Love a Man Who Is Not Bad?

UW: "Is it easy to make friends in a foreign place?"

Linda: "I am not considered a person who make friends easily, but once I make friends, would be friends for life. (Because you do not believe people easily?) I believe people easily. Ha ha. My friends and family frequently think of me, but I am really grateful to have not been deceived frequently".

Kenneth: "Because you are too good, so do not want to deceive you! Ha ha!"

Linda: "Actually, I experienced being betrayed by a friend once, but when I see that person now, would still talk. (Do you have friends you can open your heart to?) Canada, yes. As for Hong Kong, have more friends in the industry; very difficult to make friends outside of the industry".

Kenneth: "I make friends easily, but I do not take the initiative enough. More passive. (Many friends you can open your heart to?) Many. Many are former classmates. Now, still frequently come out to eat".

UW: "Do you have any confidants in the industry?"

Kenneth: "Many, such as Sharon Chan, Natalie Tong, Nancy Wu. I know many of their secrets, but I will not say them out. Ha ha!"

Linda: "If talking about a male friend I can talk to, he has to think of me as a 'brother' or I have to think of him as a 'sister'".

UW: "In 'Limelight Years', Linda's character, Szeto Tik Tik, falls in love with bad man Alex Fong, and even gets used. As for love outside of acting, would you worry about encountering a bad man?"

Linda: "Not worried. Although I believe people easily, I am very fortunate because the people I know are very kindhearted. I would not captivate that type of bad man. Like those guys who are very handsome and like to play would not like my type. (Do you agree with the term 'a woman does not love a man who is not bad'?) Do not believe it. I don't like bad men at all. Hate men who sweet talk the most".

UW: "Does Kenneth have a bad guy side? Or do you think that you are too well-behaved?"

Kenneth: "I do not think that I am well-behaved. Certainly have a bad side, but very difficult to say...."

Linda: (seeing Kenneth go into deep thought, immediately helping out) "Have you deceived someone before?"

Kenneth: "Have when joking.... (going into awkward silence again) (How would you reject girls who take the initiative to pursue you?) Would directly reject, but there are not many girls who pursue me. I do not like girls who take the initiative too much, but not very easy to take action. I am not a big man...just very traditional. (You are a diamond bachelor in everyone's heart. Would you worry about good partners being scared off from rumours?) Not worried. A lot of the news is really too fake! Previously, I had two or three rumours. The reporters did not call me to confirm at all!"

*Credits to toggle, omy, chinapress, TVBUSAofficial, and uweekly

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