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Monday, March 16, 2015

TVB Rearranges Prime Time Slot


"Scoop" Clip

Starting on April 26th with "The Empress of China", the 9:30pm time slot will air seven days a week.

Sandy Yu: "This is only a beginning...not just 'Empress'. Afterward, the 9:30pm time slot will also be from Mondays to Sundays. Hope that it does not stop". ('Empress' is a head shot version?) It's a TVB version, not a head shot version. Newly edited and dubbed. The original 80 episodes will be cut down to 70 episodes. Have found Joey Yung to sing the theme song".

To accommodate this 'extravagant change', TVB will be releasing many programmes. Drama programmes include "The Lord of Shanghai", "Wudang Rules", "Vampire", "Captain of Destiny", "Under the Veil", etc. Non-drama programmes include "Do Jeh Goes Shopping", "Good Cheap Eats", "Eating Well with Madam Wong", "Neighborhood Gourmet", "Three Amigos Bon Voyage", "A Time of Love II", "The Voice of the Stars II", etc.

"Limelight Years" will air on April 27th @ 8:30pm.

Catherine Tsang: 'Waiting for Tim Gor to Complete the Script Before Deciding the Candidate for Empress Lu'

Catherine Tsang admitted that she is now solely in charge of the entire drama department...able to be more resourceful, and even more onscreen groups will be appearing. Regarding Producer Lee Tim Sing being troubled due to Charmaine Sheh pulling out of "The Legend of Empress Lu", Catherine said that there are never enough fa dans and siu sangs: "The company also has many aspiring newcomers, such as Grace Chan, Sisley Choi, and Moon Lau...very suitable for this industry, and also hardworking and are of high quality. When Grace did her first casting, already had a good hand at it. In 'Captain of Destiny', she has to fight and be on wires...really takes risks". However, the candidate for the new series is still not confirmed...must wait for Tim Gor to complete the script before deciding.

TVB Promoting Miss Hong Kong 2013

Grace Chan will film "Brother's Keeper II" with Edwin Siu, Kristal Tin, etc. in July. Linda Chung and Ruco Chan will guest-star. Producer Amy Wong revealed that there will be location filming in Macau, Japan, etc. She also highly praised Grace for 'having nothing to fear', and will be arranging a special role that has room to execute for her.

Sisley Choi has an opportunity to film a series with Moses Chan in May.

Moon Lau will later film with Tracy Chu and Zoie Tam in Producer Lam Chi Wah's new series, "EU Time Travel Mission". The three will play good sisters in the series. Moon will play a pure model.

Personal Note: From now on, the episode count of series is in multiples of seven to fit with this change, with currently filming series having to add episodes.... 囧!

According to Ming Pao, Lam Chi Wah has chosen Tracy Chu to take over for Myolie Wu (who rejected the series due to wanting to rest) as the first female lead of "EU", in which the role is that of a uniformed police officer.

*Credits to tvb.com, LovingTBB, mingpao, and the-sun

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