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Friday, March 13, 2015

《波士早晨》 "Good Morning, Boss" Costume Fitting



Date: March 13, 2015

Temporary Chinese title: 《波士早晨》
Pinyin title: Boh Si Jo San
Temporary English title: "Good Morning, Boss"
Producer: Kwan Wing Chung

Attending Cast: Flora Chan, Ben Wong, Amy Fan, Candice Chiu, Waise Lee, Tony Hung, Ali Lee, Jessica Kan, Joe Junior, Steven Cheung, Becky Lee, David Do, Rosanne Lui, Chung Chi Kwong, William Wu, So Yan Chi, Otto Wong, Meini Cheung, Lily Ho, Aaryn Cheung, Russell Cheung, Chow Chung, May Chan, Helen Ng, Joey Mak, Georgina Chan, Wong Hong Kiu, Alvis Lo, Bob Cheung, and Chan Wing Hei.

Time: 12:30
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One

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- 20-episode lighthearted comedy.
- The series mainly wants to talk about secretaries as a profession. Although this profession seems to not have much power, as they are only the boss' right-hand person, they can actually affect a company's development or future. The series will use a comedic format to express office politics, and it will talk about survival strategies in the office.
- The background of the series is a telecommunications company. Apart from helping their bosses deal with trivial work matters, the job of secretaries is to also help them obtain information. A lot of the time, secretaries will eat with other secretary groups or secretaries of a rival company to help their boss obtain information, and may also release information for their boss at the same time. Secretaries also help their boss deal with personal matters, such as helping him pay utility bills, file taxes, and even helping the boss' children with their homework; thus, their relationship is quite close.
- Every episode will begin with a short play to introduce the theme of that episode. The style of this one-minute short play is vastly different from the series, as it may be ancient, a siege, etc. It will be rather exaggerated and funny. For example, there will be an ugly girl and a pretty girl both selling apples, while the actors will play passersby, and they would definitely shop from the pretty girl because everyone uses outer appearance to judge a person; however, outer appearance does not equate to ability.
- Flora Chan will play Hazel Lo Joi Lam (路在林), an all-around senior secretary. She is a person who separates personal and business matters. For her job, she constantly improves herself such that she becomes good at everything (whether it is culinary skill, electronics, or arranging flowers), so she is very popular within the company. Ben Wong fell in love with her at first sight. She and Ben started a company after getting married; however, he had such a tough time that he went to bed with another woman to relieve his stress, and got caught in the act by her, which is the reason they got a divorce. She and Ben are a divorced couple; they were married ten-plus years ago, but went their separate ways after getting a divorce. Ben went to the US, while she stayed in Hong Kong as a secretary. One day, Ben suddenly becomes a director in her company. She does not want others to know that they were married before, so Ben's appearance messes up her lifestyle. Because Ben and her boss have some competition, they have a rivalrous relationship, but their previous status as a married couple slowly becomes revealed, and many colleagues begin to not believe them.
- Ben will play Marvin Hui Lap Kiu (許立喬), the CEO of a telecommunications company. He is like the mean boss type with a very scum-like mouth. He intentionally makes his subordinates work overtime. He is a very big man. He always makes snide remarks toward ex-wife Flora.
- Amy Fan will play 「Ca姐」, a secretary who has surpassed the age for marriage. She will pursue Tony Hung, Ben, and William Wu, and she is also rich guy Steven Cheung's first love.
- Candice Chiu will play Wendy, a secretary.
- Tony will play a CEO who is surrounded by pretty female secretaries, such as Ali Lee and Candice. He is one of the directors in the company, so he, Waise Lee, and Ben fight for a promotion. He is a married man who is in the process of getting a divorce, and is in a custody battle with his ex-wife. Because of loneliness, he and Ali develop a relationship, but he actually only hopes to have someone accompany him; it is not true love.
- Ali will play Yiu Lok Si (姚洛施), Tony's secretary. Her nickname is 「娘娘」, a character who gathers an escort army. She and Flora are secretaries with two different types of personalities. She is more like a vase, but actually has her own role, and also helps the company do many things. She and Tony are a pair that plays tricks in the office. She and Tony will have a romance between a superior and a subordinate, but are unable to have a happy ending.
- Jessica Kan will play Hana Chong Sau Yin (莊秀賢), a secretary who is the innocent sacrificial lamb in the office war. She always gets bullied by Steven.
- Joe Junior will play the big boss of a telecommunications company.
- Steven will play Travis, Joe Junior's grandson. Jessica is his secretary; afterward, he slowly likes her.
- Becky Lee will play Waise's pupil. She is extremely capable, and hopes to be on par with the guys. She and Waise have an ambiguous relationship.
- David Do will play a secretary.
- William will play a Western chef who has returned from overseas.
- Lily Ho will play Yiu Kam Fung (姚金鳳), an ordinary Cheung Chau girl. She has an overbite. Although she is ugly, she has a kind heart. She and Ali are twin sisters, but younger sister Ali wants to change her fate, so she becomes pretty after getting plastic surgery and moves up in the workplace by selling her beauty. In the end, she finds a good and handsome husband who is like the Him Law type. She and 'Cheung Chau Daniel Wu' Jack Hui have a shotgun wedding.
- Joey Mak will play a secretary.
- Wong Hong Kiu will play Chu Yau Yau (朱柔柔).
- Alvis Lo will play Kelvin Yip Kin Seung (葉建湘).
- Wingto Lam will play Anabelle On Bo Ka (安寶嘉), a crazy and cute star.
- Jacquelin Ch'ng will guest-star as Ben's jealous girlfriend for four or five episodes.

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FYI: The official English title of this series is "Watch Out, Boss".

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Personal Note: Aw, Flora's contract with TVB will be fulfilled with the completion of this series...should have found a better male lead....

Did not recognize Lily Ho...does not look like her at all!

*Credits to 洪永城全國粉絲團, the-sun, mingpao, bastillepost, eastweek, letv, gztv, stheadline, 黃智賢吧, TVBUSAofficial, and Weibo

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  1. Ben Wong is great, however Flora looks like his big sister more than his ex wife