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- "Stealing Seconds" Week 3: averaged 23.2 points.
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- "Deep in the Realm of Conscience" Theme Song MV (Full Version)
- "Deep in the Realm of Conscience" Sub Song MV
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- "Deep in the Realm of Conscience" Theme Song MV

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Friday, March 6, 2015

"Eye in the Sky" Promotional Event 2


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Kevin Cheng Extremely Excited to Run into Chow Yun Fat: 'He Changes Something Rotten into Something Magical'

Kevin Cheng, Samantha Ko, Ruco Chan, etc. were promoting the new series "Eye in the Sky". When talking about the running into Chow Yun Fat during work earlier, Kevin laughingly said that he was 'happy to death', and also revealed that he usually does not collect pictures; however, on that day, he specially asked Fat Gor to wait for him, and then he hurriedly grabbed his cell phone to have Fat Gor take a selfie. He said, "He is really incredible at holding the camera...selfie skills absolutely change something rotten into something magical, and also said that he has watched my series".

Kevin also said that he has heard that the feedback for the new series is not bad. When asked about his fried chicken commercial being parodied by netizens, Kevin laughingly said, "The scene was slightly deliberate. The advertisement company has also sponsored the series. In the opening scene, it also talked about me eating fried chicken...this is a commercial element, but did not notice that the colour of the upper garment was the same as the commercial, so it means that I also did my best to help them promote!" When talking about his intense kiss with Tavia Yeung in the series, Kevin frankly said that this scene will be frequently inserted into the series to serve as Tavia's memory snippet, and was thus on guard when filming.

"Eye in the Sky" Episode 5

"Eye in the Sky" Episode 6

"Eye in the Sky" Episode 7

"Eye in the Sky" Episode 8

"Eye in the Sky" Episode 9

"Eye in the Sky" Episode 10

*Credits to hellochinpang, 鹿小儀, the-sun, mingpao, bastillepost, letv, and gztv

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