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Sunday, March 15, 2015

"Eye in the Sky" Promotional Event 3



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Kevin Cheng Believes That High-Quality Series Are Able to Keep Viewers

TVB series "Eye in the Sky" cast members Kevin Cheng, Tavia Yeung, Lin Xia Wei, etc. attended a mall promotion. The first week of this series averaged 25 points. Kevin said that it is difficult to compare the ratings now to when he debuted. Back then, 30 points was common, and the 40s would only be considered high ratings. His "Beyond the Realm of Conscience" peaked at 50 points. He said that the mode for entertainment has changed. His mom also watches Korean series and Mainland series online. Now, if a series reaches 30 [points], it is already a very good result. He believes that viewers have a discerning eye; high-quality series are able to keep viewers.

At the event, everyone gave flowers to Tavia to make up for White Day. Tavia frankly said that that she is not sensitive toward holidays, only remembering major holidays, such as Mother's Day, etc. On White Day, she also did not receive any congratulatory messages, and also did not celebrate with Him Law. When asked whether she has supported Him by watching "Young Charioteers", she said that she has been watching it on myTV. "Young" is pushing ratings by giving away bicycles? After knowing this, Tavia was very excited, laughingly saying that she has to take part in the draw, and then she can ride a bicycle to TVB City to work.

Lin Xia Wei is in two prime time series. Netizens have praised her acting. She said that she was very touched upon reading the comments. Receiving recognition by everyone for your work is a motivation, and she also hopes to shed the name of 'Raymond Lam's cousin'.

"Eye in the Sky" Episode 11

"Eye in the Sky" Episode 12

*Credits to tavia.org, hellochinpang, Yes娛樂, letv, yulexintiandi, gztv, and mingpao

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