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Monday, February 23, 2015

Priscilla Wong Filming New Drama with Korean Star


HotTV Clip

TVB and Korea CMB are filming the joint venture five-episode drama short "Romance for 7 Days" (七天的浪漫), inviting Danny Ahn and Priscilla Wong to be the leads. This drama will film in Korea and Hong Kong, and is expected to release in the first half of the year. Priscilla even departed for Korea today, and is expected to film for a half-month.

Danny is portraying a Korean superstar in the drama, while Priscilla is portraying a Hong Kong photographer, talking about the two's cross-border love story.

William Chak is portraying Priscilla's assistant, and his character should be speaking Korean. Jason Chan is portraying Priscilla's ex-boyfriend, and is a pair with Kelly Cheung.

CMB TVB 드라마 '7일간의 로맨스' 첫 촬영 돌입

7일간의 로맨스

'로맨스'쫓아 홍콩스타 대전 와

Press Conference @ J2 Clip (030715)

Visit @ Ming Pao Clip (031415)

Visit @ Ming Pao Clip (031415)

Visit @ J2 Clip (031515)

Visit @ ontv Clip (041715)

7일, 새로운 사랑에 빠지기에 꽤 충분한 시간이다 : 7일간의 로맨스

지난 사랑의 상처도 아물게 한 7일간의 기억 : 7일간의 로맨스

Personal Note: No wonder there was no installment of "A Time of Love" this Lunar New Year....

*Credits to bastillepost, the-sun, 대전방송 CMB, CMB 방송, mingpao, and TVB KOREA

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