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Monday, February 9, 2015

《公公出宮》 "Eunuchs Leave the Palace" Costume Fitting



Date: February 9, 2015

Temporary Chinese title: 《公公出宮》
Pinyin title: Gung Gung Chut Gung
Temporary English title: "Eunuchs Leave the Palace"
Producer: Marco Law

Attending Cast: Wayne Lai, Nancy Wu, John Chiang, Edwin Siu, Lin Xia Wei, Raymond Cho, Power Chan, Ram Chiang, Grace Wong, Rachel Kan, Yoyo Chen, Lee Sing Cheung, Jack Wu, Suet Nei, Toby Chan, Wai Ka Hung, Lee Ka Sing, Aurora Li, Kate Tsang, Kiu Bo Bo, Sin Ho Ying, Harriet Yeung, Ho Yuen Tung, Lydia Law, Michelle Wong, Matthew Chu, Ka Chun, and Moses Cheng.

Time: 12:30
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One




- 35-episode comedy.
- In mid-May, there will be location filming in Kaiping for a month.
- Wayne Lai will play a eunuch who has an effeminate voice. After leaving the palace, he settles down in a village ruled by females.
- Nancy Wu will play Kam Heung (金香), the domineering and masculine head of the Kam household that sells rice. She is the third aunt. She and Wayne are married in name only. All of the men are afraid of her. Her actions are crude, and she is mean in her words and her appearance, frequently bullying eunuch Wayne. There is a scene where she and Wayne both accidentally take an aphrodisiac; when the drug takes effect, she sits on his back and takes off his clothes in a suburban area, fainting from a punch from him in the end.
- John Chiang really wants to have a son, but has three daughters (played by Lin Xia Wei, Toby Chan, and Grace Wong).
- Lin Xia Wei will play Kam Tai Nam (金帶男), the suave 'eldest son' who likes to gamble. She frequently bullies and flirts with eunuch Raymond Cho; there is a scene where she takes off his clothes. She falls in love with Raymond. Nancy is her aunt (i.e., father's younger sister).
- Natalie Tong will play Wong Lin Do (黃蓮到), a big-chested spy. She and Edwin Siu are a couple.
- Raymond will play a eunuch who has an effeminate voice. He is the most effeminate one. He has to wear a bra to dress up as a woman.
- Grace will play Kam Tai Tai (金帶弟), the third daughter of the Kam family. She has a refined appearance. She returns after completing her studies in Shanghai. She is experienced and knowledgeable. Although she studied English, she was focused on finding true love, so her English is a scam.
- Rachel Kan will play John's second wife.
- Yoyo Chen will play a feisty daughter-in-law of the Kam family.
- Lee Sing Cheung will play Tsui Tai Fu (徐大富).
- Jack Wu will play Toby's husband.
- Toby will play Kam Tai Chi (金帶子), the second daughter of the Kam family. She really wants to have a son.
- Wai Ka Hung will play Law Hai (羅蟹), Harriet Yeung's husband.
- Harriet will play Kam Tai Lik (金大力), who does all the labourious tasks in the Kam household.
- Gloria Tang will guest-star as a flirtatious and calculating character who entices Raymond.

Blessing Ceremony @ TVBE Clip (031115)

Blessing Ceremony @ "Scoop" Clip (031215)

Blessing Ceremony @ GZTV Clip (031215)

Visit @ TVBE Clip (033015)

Visit @ GZTV Clip (040115)

Visit @ J2 Clip (043015)

Visit @ TVBE Clip (043015)

Visit @ GZTV Clip (043015)

Visit @ "Scoop" Clip (050115)

Visit @ J2 Clip (050715)

Completion Banquet @ "Scoop" Clip (070815)

Completion Banquet @ GZTV Clip (070715)

Filming Promotional Clip @ J2 Clip (011416)

FYI: The official English title of this series is "Short End of the Stick".
FYI: Ada Choi was originally cast as the female lead; however, due to schedule problems, Nancy Wu has taken her place, while Lin Xia Wei has taken Nancy's original role.

Personal Note: Rice business again?!

Nancy's look reminds me of Chiu Yuk from "The Dance of Passion".

Lin Xia Wei always the last-minute replacement....

*Credits to nancywu.org, 狂愛TVB, the-sun, gztv, TVBUSAofficial, and hdfree.se


  1. I prefer the sales presentation story! I would like to see Raymond wong & Power chan there, I would like to see one of them pairing with Nancy! Too much rice business can't they change?

  2. "Yoyo Chen will play a feisty daughter-in-law of the Kam family." But If I understood, there are no sons in the Kam family, so will she pairing up with John Chiang? Thanks