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Friday, November 7, 2014

Sharon Chan and Eddie Cheung Challenging Censorship Boundaries in Sex Comedy


Eddie Cheung, Sharon Chan, Louis Yuen, Benz Hui, Elena Kong, May Chan, etc. will start filming a comedy packaged with a sex theme at the end of the month. The content is basically challenging censorship boundaries. Sharon plays a sex therapist, while Eddie, her husband in the series, is a sex social worker; the two frequently go 'break into rooms', creating many laughs. Benz marries young wife May, who is from Mainland; May frequently comes up with many tactics to stir up his sex drive.

Producer Man Wai Hung revealed that Eddie would have a big breakthrough this time: "All in all, in wife Sharon's eyes, he is the spring that provides happiness". When asked why he accepted such an unconventional role, Eddie said, "Actually, in terms of Hong Kong series, it is a big breakthrough. Now, other regions' series are very open. Hong Kong series should also take on more genres". Eddie, who has many daring intimate scenes with Sharon, said, "I am not afraid of filming martial arts. Afraid of filming intimate scenes the most, but also not worried because of the boundaries of television. At most, would go under the covers and explain with dialogue!"

Female lead Sharon frankly said that she has to find a professional sex therapist to fathom the role: "I also want to know what problems patients typically encounter in terms of sex". When asked whether it would be a sexy performance this time, she said, "Would not! (Have scenes where you seduce Eddie?) Not seducing...sleeping together! Now, the acceptance ability of viewers is very high".

Personal Note: Not interested in this series...too 'heavy taste' for my taste! 囧! Surprised that Eddie is back to film this particular series....

*Credits to the-sun

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  1. oh please ! If hktv never did a series on sex first TVB will never go onto this topic. pfft ! Clearly threatened by hktv