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Friday, November 14, 2014

Kelly Chen and Louis Koo Become a Married Couple in Short Film


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Louis Koo and Kelly Chen have reunited in an acting project after three years, filming a short film for the Regal Airport Hotel.

The storyline is about the two acting as a married couple, so there would be kissing and hugging, but Kelly expressed having not filmed it yet. A scene was just filmed where [they] almost had to kiss but were interrupted by a phone call. After hearing this, Louis immediately said, "Should [we] tell the director to arrange for the call to ring a bit later?"

Kelly was discovered with marks on her right arm. She frankly said that it was shingles. At this time, Louis, who was sitting beside her, immediately moved away. Kelly told Louis not to worry, saying that bandage spray was already applied and that she would be recovering soon. She also revealed that there was also no need to be quarantined from her two sons at home because her eldest son got a vaccination; although her youngest son has not gotten [a vaccination], there should be no problem. At the onset of the illness, it hurt like getting an electric shock. Louis immediately said, "I did not move away. Was surprised [because] Kelly has shingles but is this pretty".

Before long, Louis teased Kelly again, saying that he and Kelly portrayed a couple the last time, and are being a married couple this time...should open a restaurant the next time because Kelly likes to sell dim sum, such as the shrimp dumpling and the xiaolongbao--one cup of tea and two pieces of dim sum. Kelly fired back, laughingly asking Louis, "Had a son when collaborating with you the last time, and have shingles this time...when is it your turn?" Louis immediately changed the topic: "Have shingles? Would not! I have medicines because I frequently fly everywhere; the doctor has given me all types of medicines beforehand".

Upon hearing Kelly reveal that her entire family should be travelling during Christmas, Louis said that he only has three days of holidays every year--the first and second days of the new year and on the day of the winter solstice.


*Credits to Siu Oi, the-sun, mingpao, appledaily, youku, letv, gztv, stheadline, and Weibo

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