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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ram Chiang and Rita Carpio Sing Classic Song in "Come On, Cousin"


In the 12th episode of "Come On, Cousin", Ram Chiang and Rita Carpio sing their classic song, 《相逢何必曾相識》.

相逢何必曾燒衣 - 蔣志光

我嚇你 其實你都想嚇我
問此刻世上 一早嚇死有幾個
親戚親友好頭痕 琴日過世今日要出殯

相逢何必曾燒衣 在這一息間相遇奈河橋
無謂勁勁勁勁勁勁 勁勁勁勁勁勁

When Ram and Rita sang 《相逢何必曾相識》, the ratings reached 26 points. When Ram sang 《相逢何必曾燒衣》, the ratings increased to 27 points. In the end, the two's talk in the park caused ratings to peak at 28 points.

Regarding the lyrics for 《相逢何必曾燒衣》, Wong Cho Lam said, "The scriptwriters and I just came up with the first two phrases. Afterward, it was all written by Ram himself". Ram said that he used a half hour to rewrite the lyrics.

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Personal Note: Indeed a classic! :D Definitely one of my favourite duets of all time! Watching Ram and Rita perform this song together brings back a lot of memories!

Here is the Stephen Chow version in "All's Well End's Well"...can definitely recite these lyrics as well! :P

"Come On, Cousin" Episode 12

"Come On, Cousin" Episode 13

*Credits to ihktv, the-sun, and wenweipo

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