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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Series List for TVB Sales Presentation 2015


《梟雄》 "Lord of Shanghai" (Anthony Wong, Wayne Lai, Kent Tong, Kenneth Ma, Ron Ng, Myolie Wu, Louisa So, Alice Chan, Natalie Tong, Jade Leung, Eddie Kwan & Ngo Ka Nin)

《衝線》 "Young Charioteers" (Michelle Yim, Him Law, Sammy Sum, Sisley Choi, Lin Xia Wei, Hanjin, Jinny Ng, Alan Wan, Adrian Chau, Zoie Tam & Lily Ho)

《張保仔》 "Captain of Destiny" (Ruco Chan, Tony Hung, Maggie Shiu, Grace Chan, Elaine Yiu, Mandy Wong, Joel Chan, Kelly Fu, Elliot Yue, Law Lok Lam, Susan Tse & Stephen Wong)

《東坡家事》 "With or Without You" (Bobby Au Yeung, Joey Meng, Vincent Wong, Jacqueline Wong, Harriet Yeung, Alice Chan, Tyson Chak, Pal Sinn & Cheung Wing Hong)

《公公出宮》 "Eunuchs Leave the Palace" (Wayne Lai, Ada Choi, John Chiang, Nancy Wu, Edwin Siu, Power Chan, Raymond Cho & Natalie Tong)

《鬼同你OT》 "Ghost of Relativity" (Moses Chan, Kristal Tin, Nancy Wu, Eddie Kwan, Ngo Ka Nin, Vivien Yeo, Wai Lei & Mimi Chu)

《以和為貴》 "Smooth Talker" (Joe Ma, Kate Tsui, Johnson Lee, Elena Kong, Tracy Chu, Wong Kwong Leung, Quinn Ho, William Chak, Eddie Pang, Raymond Chiu & Jacqueline Wong)

《華麗轉身》 "Limelight Years" (Liza Wang, Damian Lau, Alex Fong, Linda Chung, Eliza Sam, Michelle Yim, Grace Wong, Candice Chiu, Hugo Wong & KK Cheung)

《呂后》 "Empress Lu" (Charmaine Sheh, Raymond Wong, Eddie Kwan, Kelly Fu, Akina Hong, Adrian Chau & Steven Cheung)

《潮拜武當》 "Wudang Rules" (Chin Siu Ho, Tavia Yeung, Yuen Chau, Timmy Hung, Cheung Wing Hong, Toby Leung, Derek Kwok, Stanley Cheung, Yoyo Chen, Regen Cheung, Rainky Wai, Mandy Ho & Kirby Lam)

《四個女仔三個BAR》 "Raising the Bar" (Ben Wong, Elaine Yiu, Louis Cheung, Grace Chan, Moon Lau, Jeannie Chan, Stephanie Ho, Natalie Tong, Timothy Cheng & Ram Chiang)

《樓奴》 "Brick Slaves" (Vincent Wong, Selena Li, Kiki Sheung, Evergreen Mak, Eliza Sam, KK Cheung, Rachel Kan, Chow Chung, Helena Law & Ching Ho Wai)

《當鐵馬遇上戰車》 "When the Motorcycle Meets the Car" (Kenny Wong, Natalie Tong, Benjamin Yuen, Sisley Choi, KK Cheung, Toby Chan, Carlo Ng & Rachel Kan)

《刀下留人》 "Spare from the Blade" (Kenny Wong, Maggie Shiu, Mat Yeung, Katy Kung, Stanley Cheung & Joel Chan)

《收規華的良心》 "Corrupt Wah's Conscience" (Tavia Yeung, Louis Cheung, Mat Yeung, Lin Xia Wei, Lau Kong, Akina Hong, Joe Tay, Wai Ka Hung, Candy Chang & Amy Fan)

《末代禦醫》 "The Last Imperial Physician" (Roger Kwok, Tavia Yeung, Power Chan, Louis Fan & JJ Jia)

《殭》 "Vampire" (Kevin Cheng, Kay Tse, Wong Yau Nam, Ben Wong, Grace Chan, Anjaylia Chan, Luk Wing & Winki Lai)

《TVB Weekly》 Issue 907

"Scoop" Clip (110414)

"Scoop" Clip (110514)

"Extra" Clip (110414)

Pearl Clip (110514)

J2 Clip (110514)

TVB8 Clip (110514)

TVB Sales Presentation 2015 Promotional Clip

Personal Note: Sucks that there were no newly filmed Sales Presentation clips...only a PowerPoint presentation...so cheap! 囧!

TVB may actually film a series on Empress Lu this time around? Still want to see the clips that featured Maggie and Tavia back then....

*Credits to ihktv, 小淚_張家義氣仔, 狂愛TVB, and tvb.com


  1. This is terrible, no police dramas, like Highs and Lows or Sergeant Tabloid. Very disappointed with TVB.

    1. when there's too many police dramas people complain. when there aren't any, people complain. can't please everyone.

    2. Well there are still some that havent been released yet, though i think its less serious more of a half comedy/crime.
      And plus nothing it set in stone yet, though i am happy there is going to be another palace drama ~
      Beauty at War 2 ruined everything ahhaha

    3. Wooow... Charmaine has the same costume from Beyond the realm of conscience.. Tvb must be desperate. And the last one with Kevin looks like a copy and paste image of them.

    4. Some of the pictures from the Sales booklet were artistes' looks from previous series (e.g., for "Empress Lu", it was Charmaine's look from "Beyond the Realm of Conscience") or cut-and-paste images (e.g., for "Corrupt Wah's Conscience", Tavia's head was pasted onto Linda's look from "All That Is Bitter Is Sweet"). These are not the official stills.