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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

《潮拜武當》 "Wudang Trend" Costume Fitting



Date: August 13, 2014

Temporary Chinese title: 《潮拜武當》
Pinyin title: Chiu Baai Mo Dong
Temporary English title: "Wudang Trend"
Producer: Nelson Cheung

Attending Cast: Chin Siu Ho, Tavia Yeung, Yuen Chau, Timmy Hung, Derek Kwok, Toby Leung, Cheung Wing Hong, Stanley Cheung, Kirby Lam, Mandy Ho, Akina Hong, Regen Cheung, Yoyo Chen, Jason Chan, Rainky Wai, Rosanne Lui, Hinson Chou, Carat Cheung, Helen Ng, Ha Ping, So Yan Chi, Pauline Chow, Henry Lo, Poon Fong Fong, Lee Yee Man, Otto Chan, Lam King Kong, Mak Ka Lun, Kong Fu Keung, Parkman Wong, Alan Tam, and Window Tsang.

Time: 12:30
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One

J2 Clip

"Scoop" Clip

TVB8 Clip


- 20 episodes long.
- The series is a police drama that talks about modern people going up to the Wudang Mountains to learn martial arts, taking a new and modern approach to the philosophy and ethics of Tai Chi. The relationship among the characters and Wudang is a type of philosophy such that everyone has his or her own burdens.
- The series is an action comedy that talks about Hong Kong people, Tavia Yeung, Timmy Hung, etc., going up to Wudang to learn kung fu, in which they will be focused on learning Tai Chi. Yuen Chau starts a three-month course, attracting these people to learn kung fu. The series mainly wants to bring out Hong Kong people living in a concrete jungle; when they go to Wudang, a place full of spiritual influence, their thinking also begins to become purified, causing them to be enlightened.
- The series will not talk much about romance; rather, there will be more on family, friendship, and the interactions among the group of coursemates.
- In October, there will be location filming on the Wudang Mountains for three weeks.
- Chin Siu Ho will play an undercover cop who has been undercover for a number of years but always wants to become good again. By coincidence, he leaves Hong Kong and goes to the Wudang Mountains. He is a chef, and he is also Yuen Chau's disciple, so he will also help teach kung ku. He has a romantic storyline with Yoyo Chen. His relationship with Tavia is built on fate; they do not really develop.
- Tavia will play Lok Yeung (樂洋), a figure in the financial world. She is rather cool, self-confident, and slightly looks down on others. When she fails in love and her career, she goes to the Wudang Mountains to look for her mother. She has a distant relationship with her mother; however, because of some schemes, she gets close to her. She has many action scenes. She and Chin Siu Ho are a bickering pair.
- Yuen Chau will play a martial arts expert. She and Tavia are mother and daughter, but they do not have a good relationship, thereby hoping to be able to use this short-term course to repair their relationship.
- Timmy and Stanley Cheung will play brothers who have a good relationship. Because the elder brother has had an illness since young, the younger brother works hard to become a doctor, hoping to be able to personally treat his elder brother's illness.
- Toby Leung will play a bodyguard who is highly skilled in martial arts. Apart from Chin Siu Ho and Timmy, she is the best fighter in the series. She will have many swimwear scenes.
- Cheung Wing Hong will play a wealthy guy. Toby is his bodyguard. He and Toby are a pair. There is a scene where he gets a nosebleed from fantasizing about Toby in swimwear. He and Toby have an intense kiss scene.
- Kirby Lam will play Yuen Chau's assistant.
- Mandy Ho will play Yuen Chau's assistant.
- Akina Hong will play Rainky Wai's mother.
- Regen Cheung will play a 25-year-old 'old model' who gets deceived in love by Hinson Chou. In the end, she will carry a baby, going to Wudang to learn kung fu. Because she is a pregnant woman, she does not have real fight scenes; however, she is a Tai Chi student, mostly talking about her slacking off and not practicing, and she is very picky, always thinking that the Wudang things are difficult to eat. She is quite like a Hong Kong girl.
- Yoyo will play Chin Siu Ho's girlfriend, an angel in white. She does not have to do kung fu; she is in another line. She will be going to the Wudang Mountains for approximately one week.
- Jason Chan will play a company boss who gets caught in between Tavia and Carat Cheung.
- Rainky will play a bright and cheerful 18-year-old student.
- Hinson will play Chiu Yuen Cheung (趙元暢), a manager of young models. He is a rich second generation who is a playboy. He gets someone pregnant, so she has to be an unmarried mother; he has a lot of money, so he feels that he does not have to care about her.
- Carat will play Ana Tai On Na (戴安娜), the daughter of a CEO.
- Lee Yee Man will play Man Yi Lei (文綺莉), a cop who used to learn Tai Chi under Chin Siu Ho, whom she views as an idol.

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Chin Siu Ho on "The Green Room"

FYI: The official English title of this series is "Wudang Rules".

Personal Note: Not looking forward to this series, but nice to see Chin Siu Ho filming for TVB again.

Ha ha.... Chin Siu Ho is wearing the same jacket that Bosco wore in "7 Days in Life".... :P

Ha ha.... Tavia is playing Yuen Chau's daughter instead of her younger version this time around! :P

*Credits to taviayeung.com, stheadline, metrodaily, and Weibo

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  1. The story looks good but don't really like toby leung...