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Thursday, August 7, 2014

September Series 《張保仔》 "Cheung Po Tsai" Info


Temporary Chinese title: 《張保仔》
Pinyin title: Jeung Bo Jai
Temporary English title: "Cheung Po Tsai"
Producer: Leung Choi Yuen

Filming officially begins in mid-September. Apart from going to Cheung Po Tsai Cave in Cheung Chau to film for a half-month, will also be going to Wuxi and Hengdian in November to do location filming.

TVB has invested ten million in the production, and has even invited a group of experts who specialize in the production of special effects for films and commercials to take part, and has also purchased the newest filming equipment.

Leung Choi Yuen said that this series travels through modern and ancient times. "We will film police scenes in Cheung Chau. In Mainland, will film some ocean battle scenes. Just the iron stand that holds the ship requires some hundred thousand...can film realistic surfing and hatch-exploding effects. The company has also imported the newest technology...able to film realistic diving scenes without having to submerge".

Apart from Aimee Chan pulling out of "Cheung", the Cheung Po Tsai role originally belonged to Bosco Wong, but because of a schedule problem, it has been changed to Raymond Wong in the end. Other actors include Ruco Chan, Joel Chan, etc.

The storyline of "Cheung" is linked to "Slow Boat Home"; however, because Aimee pulled out, part of the storyline has to be modified.

Regarding his role, Ruco said, "Very close to a historical Hong Kong figure, and my character has to have the head shaven. (Many action scenes?) Don't know yet".

Personal Note: After 14 years, TVB is finally filming a series on Cheung Po Tsai!

"Cheung Po Tsai" @ TVB Sales Presentation 2000

*Credits to the-sun and ritajessica


  1. Hope Elaine gets a good role in this drama!

  2. Wow, Louis and Jessica had already filmed Cheung Po Tsai in 2000?!

  3. i really hope that it will be a high quality drama!! tvb definitely needs to raise their standards!! if only louis could film this......hahah dreaming..

  4. Hehe ... Raymond Wong is Cheung Po Tsai in SBH ...

  5. if only the production cost in project 1999 hadn't been expensive much..... :( i like to watch Louis in that role

  6. Happy to see Grace Chan in this drama