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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

《以和為貴》 "Harmony Is Precious" Costume Fitting



Date: August 26, 2014

Temporary Chinese title: 《以和為貴》
Pinyin title: Yi Woh Wai Gwai
Temporary English title: "Harmony Is Precious"
Producer: Lam Chi Wah

Attending Cast: Joe Ma, Kate Tsui, Johnson Lee, Elena Kong, Wong Kwong Leung, Tracy Chu, Jacqueline Wong, Nathan Ngai, Quinn Ho, William Chak, Eddie Pang, Joe Junior, Carat Cheung, Raymond Chiu, Patrick Dunn, Man Yeung, Hugo Wong, Chloe Nguyen, Jack Hui, Suet Nei, Sam Tsang, and Yu Chi Ming.

Time: 12:30
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One


TVB8 Clip


- 20-episode lighthearted comedy.
- Joe Ma will play the boss of a mahjong club and a second-generation gangster who later becomes a mediator. His father is a gang leader; however, he goes to the good side, becoming a mediator, but his image is still dirty. He is an unconventional mediator who is rather lower class and slightly gangster-like. He causes Kate Tsui to get a divorce, later helping one another and developing feelings. He flirts with Carat Cheung more, but frequently teases Kate; however, it is only all talk, and there is definitely no practical action. He and Kate are a bickering pair; afterward, because he rescues her, love sparks are ignited. He uses unusual methods to handle certain matters, and does not work in a very serious manner. He only relies on his mouth; there are no action scenes. His character is rather humourous and is not that heavy. He is portraying it in a lighthearted manner, and there are many comedic elements.
- Kate will play Mo Sui Yi (巫瑞薏), a mediator. Her husband, Stefan Wong, always fools around and is not around; she cannot bear a child, so she looks everywhere for methods to do so, as she does not want to divorce him. One day, mistress Carat starts living in their house, and they argue every episode; Carat, who lives on the upper level, disturbs them by being loud and doing aerobics. Joe speaks very frivolously, always flirting with her like a lecher.
- Johnson Lee will play a lawyer with bleached hair who represents unscrupulous merchants. He has a gangster background, but becomes Hong Kong's top lawyer. He is competitive, even having to win when pursuing girls. He has a romantic storyline with Jacqueline Wong and Elena Kong.
- Elena will play Lam A Lui (林亞磊), an Inspector of Police. She and Johnson are a pair.
- Tracy Chu will play Mo Sui Ka (巫瑞嘉), Kate's younger sister who is diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, so she is slightly autistic. She really wants to bring Kate and Joe together. Because she is autistic, others are very accommodating to her.
- Jacqueline will play Angie Wu Chi Pak (胡姿柏), who comes from a wealthy family. She is viewed as a goddess by Johnson.
- William Chak will play a gangster.
- Carat will play Betty So Fa Yi (蘇花兒), a fashion blogger who has a desire for beauty and persists in her own ways. She is a scatterbrain. She has many different looks, and will also sing and dance. She is Stefan's mistress.
- Raymond Chiu will play Wan Tin Kwong (尹天光), Joe's underling.
- Chloe Nguyen will play Tong Yui (唐蕊), a beer girl.
- Jack Hui will play a gangster.
- Lee Yee Man will play the mother of a ten-year-old child star. She is Raymond's girlfriend.
- Rebecca Zhu will guest-star as Joe's first love.

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FYI: The official English title of this series is "Smooth Talker".

Personal Note: Joe is a little old for the role....

*Credits to 徐子珊吧, tvb.com, reiakiryu, mingpao, www.katetsui.hk, JO JO, Siu Oi, the-sun, Yes娛樂, CatherineeTeng, and Weibo

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