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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tavia Yeung @ Kinohimitsu Short Film


Kinohimitsu Short Film - Freedom to Live 綻放人生

KiNOHIMITSU "綻放人生/Freedom To Live" 微電影 (60sec Version)

Behind The Scene - Kinohimitsu Short Film

Zhang Yao Dong and Tavia Yeung Portray an Ambiguous Love

Last month, TVB dong ka fa dan Tavia Yeung went to Malaysia to film the short film "Freedom to Live", portraying an ambiguous love with Zhang Yao Dong for the first time.

Zhang Yao Dong frankly said that he rarely watches Hong Kong series in recent years. He is familiar with Tavia, but the only production of hers he really watched is the TVB series "Beyond the Realm of Conscience".

This time, the two's first meeting, collaboration, and the time of getting along with each other was only two days, but Tavia left a strong impression on him, praising her for being approachable, quickly getting along with the crew: "She is really good to talk to. Like a 'silly big sister'...very nice".

Originally, the role belonged to Shaun Chen, but he was filming in Penang at the time; he could not spare the time, so found Zhang Yao Dong through him: "Shaun and I were both filming series in Malaysia. He was in Penang, while I was in Kuala Lumpur, but my schedule was easier to accommodate".

In the short, Tavia portrays a flower shop boss lady who stutters; in the end, she overcomes her stutter with the help of Zhang Yao Dong. During the time that the two get along with each others, love sparks are ignited, portraying a pure ambiguous love.

Zhang Yao Dong revealed that there was a scene where Tavia closed her eyes while smelling the scent of the flower; he got close to her, wanting to kiss her, but someone outside the shop broke a glass vase, so Zhang Yao Dong awkwardly backed off. However, this scene was edited out, making him feel that it was slightly unfortunate. He also laughingly said that this was the two's most intimate scene in the short film.

*Credits to KinohimitsuMalaysia, Société Films, and chinapress

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