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Sunday, August 3, 2014

"Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" Promotional Event 4


J2 Clip

"Scoop" Clip


Selena Li Publicly Reveals Romance: Kenneth Ma in a Rush to Go on Blind Date to Find Girlfriend

Artiste Kenneth Ma went to Ma On Shan to promote the TVB series "Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain". The organizer invited a group of children to cosplay as the actors' looks in the series. On stage, Kenneth and 'Little Ma Ming' played until rolling on the floor, and also letting the little girl who was dressed up as 'Little Selena Li' knock on his forehead...a funny scene.

Regarding partner Selena publicly revealing her romance, Kenneth denied being disappointed: "Congratulations to her! Not disappointed and sad. My rumours don't look bad, so it doesn't matter. (One 'hot property' partner less?) Many 'hot property' girls in TVB and outside!" He also revealed putting in effort to pursue a girl: "Putting in effort. Have a friend introducing a friend to me. (Your type?) Yes. Have never met before. (Only looked at pictures?) Will have a group dinner. (The rumoured girlfriends beside you have all left?) Guys are not in a rush. (Do you like kids?) Like, but will not have kids just because [I] think they are adorable. Must have the right partner".

Personal Note: Ha ha.... Ma Ming knew about Raymond's Weibo post! :P

"Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" Episode 26

"Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" Episode 27

"Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" Episode 28

"Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" Episode 29

"Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain" Episode 30

*Credits to the-sun

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