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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Kenneth Ma Wears a Wig: Greatly Resembles Donald Cheung?


J2 Clip


'Hot Property' Kenneth Ma appeared in Tseung Kwan O TVB City to film a smoking cessation programme. He, who is the smoking cessation ambassador, appeared in a brown wig, immediately being teased by the reporters for resembling singer Donald Cheung.

Kenneth, who does not smoke, said that he would try to persuade his friends to quit smoking: "Tell them to smoke less. Smoking is not economical and is harmful to health". When choosing a girlfriend, would there be a deduction if she were a smoker? He immediately said that a non-smoker is one of his requirements in a girlfriend: "There would be a deduction because my entire family does not smoke. A non-smoker is one of the requirements. If she quits, it is also okay. (Had a girlfriend who smokes before?) No!"

In addition, he revealed that he is currently rushing to film a series, and would also have partnering scenes with 'sister-in-law' Niki Chow: "Filming a new series in April. Collaborating for the first time with Niki...looking forward to working with a pretty girl. (She is [your] sister-in-law.) Just filming a series. It doesn't matter even if it were [my] sister-in-law!"

Personal Note: Can't stop laughing at Ma Ming's wig...it has such a nostalgic feel! :P

The 'sister-in-law' reference is so odd.... o_O

*Credits to the-sun and kennethma.org


  1. Can it be that they're still referencing Niki in relation to Kevin and Kenneth calls Kevin "big brother"? It's just weird because Niki has already admitted to a new relationship. Not sure what else could it be behind the "sister-in-law" reference... Anyways, I couldn't stop laughing seeing Kenneth with the new wig too! Also, it's funny how he has been pairing up with Kevin's old partners (first Charmaine, now Niki). Coincidence.

  2. I also think it is because Niki and Kevin were dating before. But yes, I agree it is weird calling her sister-in-law considering how she is in a new relationship now.