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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Kenneth Ma and Rebecca Zhu Promote Couple Partnership to Make Money



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Rumoured pair Kenneth Ma and Rebecca Zhu attended a brand event as a couple partnership. When being interviewed, Rebecca stood on the side, letting 'boyfriend' answer for her, and even frequently smiling sweetly while looking at Kenneth.

Kenneth expressed being happy and not being awkward: "Can make money and see a pretty girl. (The fee is higher for couple partnerships?) Didn't ask. Heard that it is higher". Rebecca immediately laughingly said, "Thank you for bringing along benefit to me!" Kenneth frankly said that he does not mind continuing to make money as a couple partnership: "There's noise...more interesting...also easier for everyone to write! Viewers are also happier when watching!" When Kenneth was asked whether he would be giving Rebecca a ride after finishing the event, Rebecca immediately laughingly said, "We are going in different cars. Don't follow me". In order to make money, Kenneth laughingly said that he does not mind picking Rebecca up after work: "Consider it next time...can create more noise!"

Kenneth shaved his head to film the ancient series "The Beauty of Bureaucracy". He pointed out that he had already shaved his head twice before...not afraid of his hair not being able to grow back. Rebecca wanted to help him explain but said the wrong thing: "His hair is quite thick. (How do you know?) Touched it before when filming". Kenneth also said that he frequently collaborates with Tavia Yeung...afraid of viewers finding it boring, hinting at looking forward to collaborating with Rebecca again.

Kenneth, who was previously rumoured with Tracy Chu, laughingly said that almost every colleague with the surname 'Chu' in the entire company has been connected to him. He said, "Apart from Mimi [Chu], I have been rumoured with them all. (Changing your taste?) Must ask Mimi".

Personal Note: Ha ha.... DSC really likes inviting Ma Ming's rumoured partners to its events. Last year, it was Natalie, and the year before, it was Selena. :)

*Credits to mingpao, the-sun, letv, and gztv

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