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Friday, March 21, 2014

《商戰》 "Commercial War" Costume Fitting



Date: March 21, 2014

Temporary Chinese title: 《商戰》
Pinyin title: Seung Jin
Temporary English title: "Commercial War"
Producer: Marco Law

Attending Cast: Wayne Lai, Raymond Wong, Edwin Siu, Power Chan, Raymond Cho, Elliot Yue, Nancy Wu, Maggie Shiu, Susanna Kwan, Grace Chan, Sisley Choi, Jason Chan, Fred Cheng, Yoyo Chen, Lee Sing Cheung, KK Cheung, Eric Li, Ali Lee, Becky Lee, Whitney Hui, Stephen Ho, and Wai Ka Hung.

Time: 12:30
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One

J2 Clip


- 30 episodes long.
- The Chiang family consists of Hong Kong's richest Elliot Yue, wife Susanna Kwan, wife's brother Power Chan, eldest son Wayne Lai, eldest daughter-in-law Becky Lee (divorced), second son Raymond Cho, second daughter-in-law Yoyo Chen, third son Jason Chan, and fourth-born daughter Grace Chan.
- Wayne will play Richard Chiang Yuen (蔣元), a rich second generation. He does not care about money; he only does business out of interest. He is the eldest son of the richest man, so he views money as a game. His dream is to pursue a sense of satisfaction from business. He specializes in helping small businesses fight big shots. He is extremely confident, takes the initiative, and likes challenges. In the beginning, he and Becky are divorced. He thinks that marriage is very troublesome such that it gets in the way of work; he is a workaholic. After getting divorced, he focuses on doing business. He will have a romantic storyline with Maggie Shiu.
- Raymond Wong will play Chung Hiu Yeung (鍾曉陽), Wayne's business partner. He, Wayne, and Nancy Wu have an investment company. He falls in love with Nancy, but he is frivolous. Afterward, he has a relationship with Nancy. He is a major villain.
- Edwin Siu will play Yuen Siu Tin (袁小田), a Thai boxer and a hacker. He is a hooligan, a gambler who uses petty tricks to win a lot of money at casinos in Canada, so all casinos banned him. He could not stay any longer, so he returned to Hong Kong to find his mother. Wayne hopes that he goes back on the right path, introducing him to become an office assistant, as well as introducing a Thai boxing teacher to him. He is Wayne's loyal fan. Once he sees Grace Chan's bus ad, he views her as his goddess. Afterward, he challenges a boxing club, but Sisley Choi, who is in charge of the boxing club, defeats him in two or three moves. He will be involved in a triangular relationship with Sisley and Grace.
- Power will play Lee Chau Kan (李秋芹), Susanna's younger brother.
- Raymond Cho will play Chiang Sing (蔣昇), Elliot's second son.
- Elliot will play Chiang Sing Tin (蔣承天), Hong Kong's richest man. He calculates even the littlest things.
- Nancy will play Ting Man Chi (丁漫姿), Wayne's assistant. She looks strong on the outside, but is gentle on the inside. She is a very smart girl and is competent at work, but she is very confused in love. She has a romantic storyline with Raymond Wong and Power. She is very infatuated with Raymond Wong but cannot let him know about it, while he really likes her but cannot be with her. In the fourth episode, she and Raymond Wong sleep with each other after getting drunk, but he acts as if nothing had happened. Later, she is with Power. Power is the person who made her change, stand back up, and become herself again. She ends up with Power.
- Maggie will play Ko Fa Lai (高花拉), Wayne's first love. Afterward, she and Wayne reignite old flames. She has a son diagnosed with autism.
- Susanna will play Lee Chau Ping (李秋萍), Elliot's second wife. She not only has to keep her family together, but also withstand others who challenge the first wife position. She has a complicated relationship with her children. She is not only a good wife and loving mother, but also a strong woman. Afterward, Elliot suffers a stroke, so he makes her take control of the company, controlling her from behind the scenes.
- Grace will play Chiang Lai (蔣勵), Elliot's youngest daughter. She returned from overseas. She is independent and strong, but she helplessly falls in love with Raymond Wong, whom she is not supposed to like. She worries about helping people, so she neglects her own love life. She has more scenes with Nancy and Power.
- Sisley will play Ma Siu Ming (馬小明), who is in charge of a boxing club. She gives her first onscreen kiss to Edwin.
- Jason will play Chiang Chun (蔣進), Elliot's third son. In the middle, his dark side is revealed. He and his second sister-in-law have a hazy relationship.
- Fred will play Ko Hing (高興), an autistic youth. He likes to sing and plays the violin. He always hits his head on the wall to express his emotions. He is extremely stubborn about a certain piece of string. He needs to be taken care of. Maggie is extremely protective of him. He is Maggie's son.
- Yoyo will play Tong Ching (湯晴), Raymond Cho's wife. She has a relationship with Jason.
- Lee Sing Cheung will play Yuen Ban (袁斌).
- Ali Lee will play the third party between Elliot and Susanna. She is very rational toward Grace, but Grace really hates her. She is a villain.
- Becky will play Wayne's ex-wife.
- Tracy Ip will play Raymond Wong's ex-girlfriend. Nancy is not on good terms with her.
- Toby Chan will play Wayne's sexy secretary.

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FYI: The Chinese title of this series has been changed to 《名門暗戰》 (literally translated as "Prominent Family, Hidden War"). The official English title is "Overachievers".

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Personal Note: Nice to see Susanna back...it has already been four years since "Can't Buy Me Love"!

Susanna playing Wayne's stepmother now....

Nancy and Raymond Wong are a refreshing pairing!

*Credits to ihktv, the-sun, mingpao, gztv, edwinsfc, tvb.com, 狂愛TVB, and 香港無線TVB8

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