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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Wong Cho Lam Says That "Gilded Chopsticks" Is Not a Comedy



Wong Cho Lam, Jack Wu, Nancy Wu, and May Chan were doing location filming for the new series "Gilded Chopsticks" in Pak Sha Chau, Sai Kung, the other day.

The storyline was about Cho Lam and Nancy at the pier, preparing to take a boat to depart, but were chased down by officers. Jack and May went to warn them and obstruct the officers. In the end, Jack gets kicked into the water in order to protect master Cho Lam.

On the other hand, the ratings of "Beauty at War" suffered a crushing defeat earlier. Cho Lam previously achieved good results with "Inbound Troubles", so it is inevitable that the company has placed high hopes for the new series "Gilded Chopsticks"; however, Cho Lam does not pay much attention to it...would only do his best. He frankly said that ratings cannot be controlled, and would not have additional pressure because of the good results earlier. "Like Wayne Lai said, ratings are affected by many things. As an actor, can only do one's best. As for feedback and ratings, already go beyond the scope in which actors are able to control". He continued saying that the storyline of "Gilded" this time is exciting and compact. Has not been able to add too much of his own creativity like in "Inbound"...could only add some funny elements within limits. "Actually also worried because the promotional clip earlier made people mistake it for a comedy; however, this series is actually like the male version of 'War and Beauty'. Hope that the company corrects it when promoting it...afraid that it would affect the ratings".

Personal Note: Such a waste for the series to not be a comedy, but I suppose the sequel of "Inbound" should also be a comedy.

*Credits to singtao

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