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Thursday, June 20, 2013

"Cold Mountain, Hidden Dragon" Blessing Ceremony



"Scoop" Clip


Kenneth Ma Getting Massaged Is Weak Spot

Yesterday afternoon, Selena Li and Kenneth Ma attended the blessing ceremony for the new series "Cold Mountain, Hidden Dragon". Selena demonstrated the splits on spot, stealing the spotlight. Selena revealed that she previously practiced stretching to handle fight scenes, causing the producer to add action scenes. However, slightly regretted it afterward because it is very labourious to film fight scenes in the summer. Because they will be going to Mainland to do location filming, she is worried about it being so hot that her makeup would run; fortunately, fans made an air-conditioned shirt for her.

After Kenneth heard about Selena's self-recommendation to suffer pain, he teased her for deserving it. As for him, he has been practicing the spear. Afterward, they will be going to Foshan to do location filming. Kenneth was immediately teased for paving the road to go to Mainland to film series. He immediately laughingly said, "I will meet more people. It would be best to meet more pretty girls. I am not afraid of having rumours. Then have work from having these reports once in a while!" Kenneth revealed having previously gone to Mainland to film. There were many business cards of sexy, bikini-clad females placed in the hotel room, expressing that special services were offered. He did not dare to try it because afraid that the sample and the actual product would not be consistent with each other and also afraid that it would be a sting operation. The funniest was when getting a massage from an auntie...got his weak spot, so could not stop laughing. Roger Kwok, who was also there, lifted his head and looked at him, causing him to feel that it was very disgusting. "One time, Roger and I went to get a foot massage. The auntie helped me massage my waist. Roger saw me laughing...the feeling was very weird. Actually, the waist is my weak spot".

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Personal Note: Very thoughtful of Selena's fans to make her an air-conditioned shirt!

Ma Ming's massage incident happened during the filming of "Scavengers' Paradise"...almost ten years ago!

*Credits to mingpao, the-sun, appledaily, and singtao

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