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Thursday, June 20, 2013

"Aerobic Girls Dance Studio Defense" Press Conference



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Temporary Chinese title: 《Aerobic Girls 舞室保衛戰》
Pinyin title: Aerobic Girls Mo Sat Bo Wai Jin
Temporary English title: "Aerobic Girls Dance Studio Defense"
Producers: Eric Tsang & Joe Chan

- 30 episodes long.
- Eric Tsang expressed that a making of for this series is being prepared to first explain the characters and the storyline to viewers.
- Teresa Mo has agreed to be the chief mentor, mentoring the seven newcomers in acting.
- The concept of the series is based on the Korean film "Sunny", bringing out the memories of '80s Hong Kong. It is an inspirational theme that talks about seven high school girls who reunite many years later, finding their youth together and mutually supporting each other.
- Carman Lee, Loletta Lee, Elvina Kong, Flora Chan, Angie Cheong, Gloria Yip, and Fennie Yuen are the female leads.
- Lawrence Ng will play Alan Yiu Chi Lun (姚子倫), the male lead. He will have more scenes with Flora and Carman (the most with Carman), while the others have a crush on him. He is liked by a few of the female leads, annoying him to the point that he becomes afraid of women; in the end, he does not choose anyone.
- Carman and Loletta will have more screen time, starting off the entire story. The two of them will start off colliding, and then the others will appear one after another. After they have all appeared, there will be many group scenes. In principle, everyone's screen time should be similar. The story talks about the group of girls treating Alan Tam as an idol, so there will be a lot of his songs.
- Carman and Lawrence Cheng are married; he loves his wife and his mother. She found many of her old classmates, and one of them is Lawrence Ng. She has to face her husband and daughter, and she has to battle her grandmother.
- Loletta will play Chu Lei (朱莉). She is rebellious and rather tragic but has self-consolation. She became pregnant before getting married.
- Elvina will play the boss lady of a dance studio. She is infatuated with dancing. She sees Carman on the street, which makes her think of the group of sisters she used to dance with and grew up with. Thus, she finds them one by one, but then discovers that everyone's dreams were not fulfilled; only her dream is still there. The girls have to protect the studio left by her mother. She does not have a man.
- Flora will play a CEO. She is the Aerobic Club ambassador. She is very successful, wealthy, and a perfectionist; however, she looks down on others, and really dislikes her group of sisters.
- Angie will have an older woman and younger man relationship with homebody Luk Wing; they have a 15-year age difference. He sees her as a beautiful older woman and goddess. She also wants to find her youth and energy.
- Gloria will play a fat housewife.
- Fennie will play a high official. She speaks with official jargon. Regarding her own matters, she never talks about it. She is very serious. When she was young, she was very lively; however, something happened which changed her personality. She has two sons, but she does not see them often. She got married, but also got divorced, and also had an affair.
- Anjaylia Chan will play the younger version of Carman's character.
- Venus Wong will play the younger version of Loletta's character.
- Annice Ng will play Cindy, the younger version of Elvina's character.
- Jeannie Chan will play the younger version of Flora's character.
- Winki Lai will play the younger version of Angie's character.
- Kandy Wong will play the younger version of Gloria's character.
- Cheronna Ng will play the younger version of Fennie's character.
- Matthew Ho will play the younger version of Lawrence Ng's character.
- Joe Tay will play an artist. He will have a romantic storyline with Loletta.
- Steven Cheung will play Carman's younger brother and David Lo's son.
- Lawrence Cheng will play Carman's husband.
- Patrick Dunn will play Lee Long Ying (李朗英), a high official.
- Miu Kam Fung will play Carman's mother-in-law. She is very difficult to please.
- Eliza Sam will play Ka Lai (嘉麗), a dance instructor. She is an orphan. She and her biological mother never had contact with each other; she deliberately returns to look for her mother. Her biological mother is one of the female leads. She and Steven are a pair of lovers.
- Heidi Lee will play Carman and Lawrence Cheng's daughter.
- Pal Sinn will guest-star as a wealthy village person.
- Amigo Choi will guest-star for three episodes as the younger version of Joe's character. He has many guitar-playing and singing scenes; Joe will act as his hand double.
- Chung Chi Kwong will play a discipline teacher.
- Cindy Yeung will play Patrick's secretary.
- Dolby Kwan will play Law Fuk Chuen (羅福全), the younger version of 'Alan Tam'. He holds a dance to show off his extraordinary dancing skills to the younger versions of the female characters.

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Angie Cheong on "The Green Room"

FYI: The Chinese title of this series was changed to 《M Club》, but it has been changed to 《女人俱樂部》 (literally translated as "Women's Club"). The official English title is "Never Dance Alone".
FYI: Teresa Mo, Veronica Yip, Patricia Ha, and Elsie Chan were originally invited to take part.

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Personal Note: Never thought that TVB would make this into a series...definitely the oldest cast in recent years!

For the female leads, I wanted the seven Dong Ka Fa Dans from the '90s--Esther, Ada, Jessica, Kenix, Maggie, Flora, and Mariane! ;)

Have never been a fan of Carman and Loletta, so disappointed that they will be having more screen time than the others...they actually had the fewest TVB works during their stint with TVB. Since Flora's the only fa dan, it would have made more sense for her to be the main.

Out of the seven females, Angie definitely kept herself the best.

Fennie's vibe (from her hair to her clothes) doesn't seem to have changed much.

From Flora's outfit, guessing that her character will be a professional one. She looks healthy...would have preferred for her hair to be shorter though.

Just re-watched Gloria in "Flying Dagger" a couple of weeks ago...she has aged quite a bit.

Only think that Kandy and Winki resemble their grown up versions.

*Credits to appledaily, mingpao, and Weibo


  1. Actually couldn't even recognize Angie.

    Who's the targeted audience of this series? I don't remember Elvina, Angie, Gloria, Fennie, and Grace as being a "big" or even famous, really. And Loletta is only famous for her soft porn days. Only remember Carmen from Condor Heroes.

    Anyways, hopefully this series won't be a flop even with the "strong" cast

  2. I'm so excited for this drama. I miss all of these actresses! Even though some of these are less famous, but they are still better than today's "big" stars.

  3. who is Winki resemble?

    1. Winki plays the younger version of Angie Cheong.