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Thursday, June 27, 2013

《飛虎II》 "Tiger Cubs II" Costume Fitting Pictures



"Scoop" Clip

TVB8 Clip


- 20 episodes long.
- The series will air five episodes per week (i.e., Monday to Friday). There will be ten stories; each story will be completed in two episodes.
- The character relationships will continue from the first installment.
- Linda Chung will play Chung Wai Yan (鍾韋恩), a member of the CIB. She is bipolar and always has a lot to say. She is also very violent and has a great sense of mission. She is ruthless, impulsive, very clever, and has a great memory. She has a great sense of justice and is not afraid of dying. In the past, she went undercover in the triads, but her identity was discovered, so she was tormented such that it caused her to have mental problems (she became bipolar and violent); thus, she hid and was not a cop for a year. In the end, she wants to find out why her identity was discovered, so she investigates. Because of this trauma, she is on medication, and she is always on edge. Her arms are full of scars. She will have a romantic storyline with Joe Ma; although they will experience many different things, they may not necessarily have a traditional happy ending.
- Oscar Leung and Christine Kuo are a married couple.
- Him Law will have a romantic storyline with Mandy Wong and Grace Wong.
- Timmy Hung will play Poon Chi Lung (潘子龍), a commander.
- Mandy has changed to the Operations Team.
- Christine is a police constable.
- Matthew Ko will play a member of the SDU.
- William Chak is a member of the CBU.
- Bowie Wu will play Chin Chung Chai (展宗齊), Joe's grandfather.
- Nancy Wu will guest-star as the final major villain. She will look for Joe to exact revenge.
- Jade Leung will play a mute. She will use illegal means to rob the rich to help the poor.
- Jonathan Wong will guest-star as a Japanese cult leader. He is a villain.
- Clayton Li will play a member of the SDU.
- Ku Ming Wah play a member of the SDU.
- Johnson Lee will play a triad member. He is a major villain.

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Filming Promotional Clip @ "Scoop" Clip (100214)

Filming Promotional Clip @ "Scoop" Clip (101614)

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Personal Note: Why are Linda's modern looks always so similar? As a Madam, don't know why Linda's hair is not tied up. She looks like a combination of Miss Koo and Ko Yu Chu!

*Credits to 鍾嘉欣吧, the-sun, youku, and Weibo

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