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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"An Understanding" - Steven Ma

心照 - 馬浚偉

作曲/填詞: 二牛
編曲/監製: 溫應鴻

朋友你好 你是否在等某個運數
人生 有時很枯燥
也試過迷路 為得失找預告

*朋友你好 你是否活得也叫恰到
成長 有時很苦惱
你我也知道 無力擅改命數
呆望天花 等天光等到老

分開多了 開始想念 窩心的聲線
變化再大 情從未變小
說句放心 搭著兩肩 多熟練
就像從前 迷失之中再見

管他什麼贏輸 把酒到通宵
除下戰衣 這熟悉 名字 永遠記住*

Repeat *

名字是你 朋友 真的了不起
流淚唱歌 醉亦可 回味
每句淡定 每次站起 醉夠就會醒

FYI: This song, composed and written by Steven, is the first plug from his new album.

*Credits to TrueStarHongKong


  1. 心照 is for all his friends out there.What a heartwarming song-very positive vibe and relaxing melody. Good job, Steven! Looking forward to his other songs.

  2. I think this song sounds like a drama theme instead of one found in an album. Not bad though. Also, is Steven learning from Maak Bao and trying to look like Raymond Lam to help boost his popularity?