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Monday, April 15, 2013

Steven Ma Resists Filming Rape Scenes



When Steven Ma, who has not released an album for a long time, went to a radio station to promote his new song, "An Understanding", he expressed that, although he has not released an album for ten years, he still pays attention to the music industry. He said, "I have the highest hopes for Ivana Wong, Hins Cheung, and Khalil Fong". Regarding it being rumoured that former rumoured girlfriend has marriage troubles, he revealed that it is impossible: "She is very blissful. We have kept in contact. Perhaps she is supporting her husband and raising her child in hiding. He also expressed that he would be returning to film series in May, portraying a military doctor. When asked whether he would be worried about sprinkling a lot of salt in TVB series, he said in a resistant manner: "Don't bug me. Heard that Wayne Lai will get sodomized. Bugging Wayne is enough!"



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Personal Note: Since "Property Protector" is a Leung Choi Yuen series, will not be expecting 'heavy taste' scenes.

*Credits to the-sun and cntv


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. "Don't bug me. Heard that Wayne Lai will get sodomized. Bugging Wayne is enough!"

    haha! Fans have already left messages on Producer Leung's weibo not to include gratuitous rape scenes in his May series, cos' they've had enough of those in recent tvb series.