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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Ron Ng Plays with Hong Kong English When Filming Advertisement, Netizens: Did Not Expect 'My Favourite' to Be So Humourous


Recently, Ron Ng teamed up with Chung King Fai and Lee Kwok Lun to film an online advertisement for Sun Life Financial. Ron, who created laughter when he spoke English in his early years, spoke Hong Kong English again this time. He deliberately read 'kids' as 'kiss' and 'child' as 'Charles', poking fun at his weakness of inaccurate pronunciation and also bringing out the difficulties of bearing and raising children, and has become popular with netizens. Many people joked, "Don't blame him"; some people also said that they could understand his pronunciation!

This online advertisement was produced by TVMost. The background of the story was a group discussion of the DSE English speaking examination. The debate topic was 'Is it good to have children?' Ron and Chung King Fai respectively showed off their Hong Kong English and American English. The two were in sharp opposition, but the focus was on Ron, who rarely films advertisements in Hong Kong in recent years. He deliberately read 'kids' as 'kiss', mispronounced 'responsibility', etc. His pronunciation was familiar and full of Hong Kong English flavour.

In addition, the advertisement also brought out the helplessness of married people who refuse to have children due to their economy and values, which resonated with many viewers.

Lee Kwok Lun Forcefully Tags 'Don't Blame Her'

On the other hand, Lee Kwok Lun specially urged Chung King Fai at the end, "Don't blame him (Ron)", inadvertently mentioning Ron's classic song from back then again. The entire advertisement played with Ron's 'representative works' from the many years since he joined the industry.

As a matter of fact, Ron filmed a TV commercial for a electronics shop in 2005. At the end, he said, "My favourite", which shocked the people of Hong Kong, and Ron was ridiculed by netizens for many years as a result. This time, he has overcome psychological barriers, showing off his English in an advertisement again with determination, and has successfully won applause. Many viewers admired Ron for graciously poking fun at himself, saying that they could not not like it; some people even found it super healing to listen to him speaking English.

*Credits to skypost and 100most

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