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Friday, August 3, 2018

Ron Ng Asks Bosco Wong: Not Scared of Living with Rose Chan?





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Artistes Bosco Wong and Ron Ng were guests for the TVB programme "Cooking Beauties". Bosco, who just shot a variety programme in Spain, expressed that he had to endure almost 20 hours of filming every day, which was extremely tiring. Was the fee impressive? He denied with a smile. When asked whether his rumoured girlfriend, Rose Chan, helped him tidy his house during the time that he was away from Hong Kong, Bosco said, "Well, I have hired help. (She is coming on this programme to challenge her cooking skills tonight?) Should not be, right? I also do not know! (Did not tell you beforehand?) No!" Ron mischievously joined in, "Even if [she] had, would pretend to not know!" Although Bosco expressed that he did not mind sharing the stage with Rose, Ron continued to interject, "Well, how about living together?" Upon hearing this, Bosco immediately attacked Ron with the interview mic and laughingly yelled at him, "Dead guy!" The scene was funny!

The two even echoed each other, as they talked non-stop. Bosco, who served as a guest on the previous installment, dared to say that his feelings about the tasting back then were was unforgettable. He said, "That duck poo green thing and stinky smell. This time should not be worse than last time. (Did you eat anything, just in case?) Not eating. Doing my best to make myself hungrier...would feel that it tastes better. Will see that it is cooked before eating. (But all of it is uncooked!) Slightly scared then!" Ron, who has also guested before, also laughingly said that, after tasting, would, more or less, get diarrhea. Getting invited to be a guest this time, was also told to expect to eat raw things, so I also expect the food to be uncooked. When asked whether they knew which artistes would appear to challenge their cooking skills, Bosco laughingly said that the organizer has always been secretive...never revealed the guest list, so could be said to have been 'sent to die' this time, even saying, "Also rather anticipating what they would cook. Know that one of the dishes is more difficult to handle. Our lives will be in danger, so really have to call an ambulance in advance".

*Credits to on.cc, rononline, bastillepost, moreforms, Yes娛樂, and youku

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