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Monday, July 2, 2018

"Big White Duel" Completion Banquet


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New Series Holds Completion Banquet, Roger Kwok and Kenneth Ma...Who Is Paying the Bill?

Artistes Roger Kwok, Kenneth Ma, Ali Lee, Natalie Tong, Crystal Fung, Stephen Wong, et al. went to Wan Chai in the evening to attend the completion banquet of TVB's new series "Big White Duel". Roger and Kenneth engage in a battle of words in the series but get along well in private. Roger even expressed, "Jointly paying the bill with a few of the leads tonight, but it is unfortunate that many people are working. Hope to have another dinner later with everyone there". He and Kenneth both expressed that, because it was a large cast filming the series this time, everyone filmed extremely comfortably and felt great, and there was also sufficient resting time.

Roger also revealed, "The most memorable was me and Kenneth filming a scene in the legislative council. There were many professional terms that are used there. In the series, there are also characters that resemble well-known people, but it is only a reasonable coincidence".

Becomes a Doctor

When Kenneth was asked about his partner in another series, Samantha Ko, getting injured earlier, Roger suddenly became a doctor and asked, "Did [she] get an X-ray? How was the CT? I am Hong Kong's cheapest doctor for reducing intracranial pressure". Kenneth immediately said, "But you are Hong Kong TVB's most expensive actor!" Roger will be travelling abroad with his family for the summer holidays: "I have already been on summer holidays for ten days. Will go on a few trips this year, but will still be in Southeast Asia".

Planning to Film a Second Season

Regarding whether "Big" already has plans to film a second season, Kenneth suddenly jokingly said, "I really want to play a gynecologist. Open wider...I am talking about the mouth!" This drew laughter from everyone.

*Credits to 郭晉安_安仔國際影迷會, on.cc, mingpao, eastweek, and moreforms

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