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Friday, June 29, 2018

Louis Koo Startles Jessica Hsuan with Violent Acting


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Artistes Louis Koo, Louis Cheung, Jessica Hsuan, Annie Liu, Fiona Sit, Andy On, et al. appeared at Fo Tan to attend the blessing ceremony of Director Fung Chih Chiang's new film, "A Witness Out of the Blue".

In the movie, Louis [Koo] and Jessica play a pair that is neither friendly nor aloof. Jessica is challenging her acting again, playing a visually impaired person. She laughingly said that she was startled by the script: "It talks about him being violent toward me before we are together. Hope that, after ten-plus years, Louis [Koo] knows how to hold back his strength. (You were previously injured by him?) No. It's just that we were both very immersed. Did not know how to hold back. I used real strength...just afraid of injuring my partner. (Have intimate scenes in the movie?) Leaving these for filming a sequel".

Louis [Koo], who plays a criminal in the movie, uses a machine gun to rob a jewellery story. He expressed, "Sealed the street downtown to film. We want to film a solid police movie. (No prop money involved during filming?) Did not explain it because it starts off with me having already killed the cop".

*Credits to on.cc, 常安道人, mingpao, appledaily, stheadline, hk01, Lazybugxx, moreforms, Yes娛樂, and youku

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