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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Parodying "Detective Investigation Files"! Michael Tao Becomes 'Cheung Siu Yung' Playing with 'Car Keys'


ontv Clip

The "Detective Investigation Files" series, starring Michael Tao, Joey Leung, and Kenix Kwok, has been re-airing late at night after 23 years but is still highly popular, attracting many viewers. The brotherhood between Michael's 'Tai Yung' and Joey's 'Yi Jai' has gained the affection of advertisers; the two received a six-figure fee to shoot an online advertisement, recreating the classic.

The other day, the two came together again to film an advertisement clip for a health food that integrated the characters and plot of "Detective". In it, Michael's 'Cheung Siu Yung' was investigating a case, even personally performing the most discussed English name pronunciation 'che si' (car keys). He called 'Jessica', the female character in the advertisement, 'Che-si-ca' and showed off his iconic, signature 'face-covering' action again. Even Michael could not help but laughingly say, "So I actually have a few funny classics, such as 'car keys' and the face-covering action. I did this action in 'Love Bond'. Was simply a design...did not expect it to become my icon and also be so heavily discussed. Also told me to do this action again in the advertisement. Since it is like this, I also want to use such a personal icon to entertain the public!"

Joey has not acted in many years. Coming back out this time was entirely related to his old friend, Michael. Joey revealed that he already has a semi-retired attitude, as he hopes to, apart from doing behind-the-scenes work, which he likes, travel to different places, using the most down-to-earth way to enjoy life; thus, he does not have much interest in performing in front of the camera or doing interviews. However, in this advertisement clip, he is appearing as 'Yi Jai' again. Although he coughed a little bit after a few street runs, he was back to being lively when facing his longtime old friend, laughing non-stop. Joey said, "I couldn't go to the 'Detective' dinner but will make an appointment to reunite with them again!"

*Credits to on.cc and 100most

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