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Friday, June 1, 2018

《十八年後的殺人告白》 "Confession of Murder: 18 Years Later" Costume Fitting



Date: June 1, 2018

Temporary Chinese title: 《十八年後的殺人告白》
Pinyin title: Sap Baat Nin Hau Dik Saat Yan Go Baak
Temporary English title: "Confession of Murder: 18 Years Later"
Producer: Wong Wai Yan

Attending Cast: Shaun Tam, Joel Chan, Mandy Wong, Vivien Yeo, Elvina Kong, Candice Chiu, Ho Yuen Tung, Stephen Ho, Griselda Yeung, Ken Law, Auston Lam, David Do, Cheng Shu Fung, Gordon Siu, Milkson Fong, Kevin Tong, Nicole Wan, Frankie Choi, Tse Ho Yat, Hebe Chan, Kenny Chan, Chloe Nguyen, Louis Szeto, Mok Wai Man, Mang Yuen Yung, Terence Siu, Suki Wong, Oman Lam, Simon Tang, Timothy Ho, Darryl Chan, Tom Lo, Cheng Chun Hei, Leung Ka Chun, Patrick Leung, and Janice Ting.

Time: 12:30
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One Common Room

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- The genre is investigation and suspense.
- The series talks about 18 years ago, when a group of village guys, Shaun Tam, Joel Chan, Auston Lam, et al., went to a barbecue one time, and they had an argument with another youth. After chasing after that youth to a certain place, they discover that that youth was already dead. At that time, they were only 17 or 18 years old; they did not know what to do, so they decided to bury the dead body. After that, they did not contact each other and acted as though the whole matter never occurred. Eighteen years later, a traffic accident leads to the outside world discovering that corpse, and this case also becomes exposed.
- Shaun will play an accountant. He is a refined rascal. He does every evil deed. He is one of the murder suspects. He originally has a good relationship with girlfriend Candice Chiu, but she slightly looks down on his village roots; in addition, she has a bad relationship with his mother, so his mother also works hard to match him up with Mandy Wong. He has intimate scenes with Mandy and Candice.
- Mandy will play Yuen Lai Kan (阮麗瑾), an Inspector of Police of the Major Crimes Unit responsible for investigating a murder case from 18 years ago. During the investigation, she discovers that the case is related to her father, Dominic Lam; however, because her mother, Elvina Kong, is not in good health, she does to dare to say it out. Her relationship with Dominic is harmonious at first, but their relationship later falls apart. She and Dominic have a couple-like father-daughter relationship, as she would call him 'honey'. She greatly trusts in him; however, in the later plotlines, she discovers some matters in which he is very problematic. Later, she breaks down and starts to no longer believe in her father. Shaun is one of the parties whom she is mainly investigating, but she later falls for him, and they end up dating. During the investigation, she initially suspects Shaun but later discovers that he is a filial person; when feeling dejected, their romance also begins to develop....
- Joel will play Sam King Yat (沈敬一), a gang leader. He and Vivien Yeo have a tragic romantic storyline. He is also called 「一哥」.
- Vivien will play Tse Ka Sin (謝家倩), a deaf and mute bar girl. She has been mute since she was young. When she was younger, she encountered an exhibitionist; because Joel rescued her, she develops a crush on Joel. There is a scene where Joel gets ganged up and beaten, so she uses a motorcycle to crash into the direction of those people, saving him from being surrounded again. She is Ho Yuen Tung's younger sister.
- Dominic has a lot of personality. In the '80s, he was a soldier fighting a war in Vietnam, later escaping to Hong Kong as a Vietnamese refugee. When he went to Hong Kong, he worked at a gold shop, where he met Elvina, who was the daughter of the gold shop owner. Because he knew that his Vietnamese friend had plans to rob the gold shop, he saves Elvina; because of this, the two fall in love and later get married.
- Elvina will play Mandy's mother; they have a good relationship. She has a congenital heart defect; thus, when Mandy discovers that her father, Dominic, is related to the case, she does not dare to mention it to her mother.
- Candice will play Joanne, Shaun's girlfriend. Mandy is her romantic rival. She and Shaun have a good relationship; however, because she has too much ambition, they drift further and further apart, eventually breaking up in the end.
- Ho Yuen Tung will play a murder suspect. He, Joel, and Shaun are village friends. He is too good of a person; he is not as ruthless as Joel and is not as smart as Shaun. He always thinks negatively. Because of the case from 18 years age, he can only sleep in the living room, and he frequently loses sleep. He has a romantic storyline.
- Stephen Ho will play a gang leader. He is Joel's rival.
- Griselda Yeung will play a tailor. Her character revolves around the unfolding of the murder incident.
- Auston will play a murder suspect.
- David Do will play Si Man Fu (施文虎), a meat specialist.
- Gordon Siu will play a murder suspect.
- Milkson Fong will play 「跳制哥」, a gangster.
- Nicole Wan will play a pork vendor.
- Hebe Chan will play Sung Hiu Man (宋曉文), a police constable.
- Chloe Nguyen will play Dominic's girlfriend from many years ago.
- Louis Szeto will play a murder suspect.
- Sarkis Fung will play Joel's underling.

Blessing Ceremony @ TVBE Clip (070418)

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Learning Sign Language @ J2 Clip (071018)

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FYI: The Chinese title of this series has been changed to 《十八年後的終極告白》 (literally translated as "Final Confession: 18 Years Later").

Personal Note: Many recent and upcoming series with a 'killer' theme....

Elvina as Mandy's mother?! o_O

*Credits to on.cc, mingpao, eastweek, moreforms, gztv, and stheadline

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