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List updated on Thursday, May 24, 2018.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

《反轉貴利王》 "Reversal of the Loan Shark King" Costume Fitting



Date: March 27, 2018

Temporary Chinese title: 《反轉貴利王》
Pinyin title: Faan Juen Gwai Lei Wong
Temporary English title: "Reversal of the Loan Shark King"
Producer: Leung Choi Yuen

Attending Cast: Kent Cheng, Maggie Shiu, Lai Lok Yi, Mandy Wong, Andrew Yuen, Florence Kwok, Ku Ming Wah, Amy Fan, Helen Ma, Angelina Lo, Wai Ka Hung, Jack Hui, William Hu, Hebe Chan, Lesley Chiang, Hero Yuen, Parkman Wong, Sam Tsang, William Chak, Claire Yiu, Erin Wong, Suet Nei, Russell Cheung, and Michael Wai.

Time: 14:30
Place: Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate 77 Chun Choi Street TVB City Studio One Common Room


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big big channel Clip

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- Kent Cheng will play a loan shark king. He is initially wicked, hot-tempered, and uncompromising but changes after getting struck by lightning. He and Maggie Shiu are a married couple.
- Maggie will play a great racer.
- Kingdom Yuen will play Kent's stepmother, who is 30 years younger and feistier than he is.
- Lai Lok Yi will play 「程Sir」, a Senior Inspector of Police whose goal is to catch Kent. He and Mandy Wong have a complicated romantic storyline.
- Mandy will play Chu Ma Lei (朱瑪利), a social worker who returned from overseas. She mainly counsels debtors. Maggie is her elder sister, and Kent is her brother-in-law; they have many bickering scenes. She and Lai Lok Yi are a pair.
- Andrew Yuen will play an international financial crook. He is a troublemaking villain. He snatches Kent's wife, takes Kingdom's money, and frames Lai Lok Yi.
- Florence Kwok will play Yeung To (楊桃). She is also called 'Madam Yeung' and 「桃姐」.
- Ku Ming Wah will play a triad boss.
- Wai Ka Hung will play 「戴金仔」, the younger version of Kent's character from 20 years ago.
- Hebe Chan will play the younger version of Chu Lo Si (朱露絲).
- James Ng will play a lawyer. He is the godson of Kent and Maggie.
- Lesley Chiang will play a cop. She is Mandy's good friend. She has a romantic storyline with James.
- Claire Yiu's husband leaves. Due to being in debt, she tries to commit suicide by jumping into a river.
- Russell Cheung will play 「久哥」, an indecisive CID.
- Michael Wai will play Wong Hoi Sing (黃海升), a social worker.
- Keith Mok will play Lau Tat Chung (劉達松), a CID who talks nonsense. He speaks more than he acts, and he can talk nonstop about a small matter, causing those around him to be scared of him. Because he talks irresponsibly, he frequently unknowingly offends people. He has five elder sisters, and he is the youngest in the family. His nickname is 「口水松」.
- Ka Chun will play Sing Tai Mo (成大武).

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Personal Note: Lai Lok Yi taking over Eddie Cheung's original role?

*Credits 鹿小儀, all_about_kwan, 邵美琪吧, on.cc, mingpao, moreforms, and gztv

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