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List updated on Saturday, October 13, 2018.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

April Series 《鐵探》 "The Defected" Info


Temporary Chinese title: 《鐵探》
Pinyin title: Tit Taam
Temporary English title: "The Defected"
Producer: So Man Chung

- The story is about the internal strife within the police force. The series revolves around cops and undercover cops.
- Benjamin Yuen will play Seung Chi (尚垶), an iron detective. He later has a terminal illness.
- Kara Hui will play Man Hei Wah (萬晞華), a Chief Superintendent. She is Mat Yeung's mother.
- Philip Keung will play Bingo, a detective who is both good and evil. He has tragic experiences in his family and work.
- Sisley Choi will play Chiu Hei Yuet (招喜悅), a cop. She and Benjamin are good partners.
- Ben Wong will play Ching Yu Sam (程宇森), the head of the Internal Investigations Branch. He will investigate Kara, who is of a higher rank than he is; they are on opposing sides, and he also challenges her authority. He had a lot of glory in the past, even winning an award at a rock climbing championship; however, because he later became crippled, he has to sit in a wheelchair and can only act as a rock climbing instructor.
- Oscar Leung will play 「谷Sir」, an undercover cop. He has a romantic storyline with Joman Chiang. He is also called 「快活谷」.
- Grace Wong will play Yeung Hiu Yi (楊曉怡). She and Benjamin are a couple; have a five-year-old daughter, but they are unmarried because he prioritizes his career, but she hopes that he has some time to accompany her and their daughter. They get trapped in a love triangle because there is also a good doctor who treats her and her daughter well.
- Berg Ng will play a thief.
- Gloria Tang will play Kay, a cop.
- Bowie Cheung will play Benjamin's subordinate.
- Joman will play Iris Luk Wai Kiu (陸蔚喬).
- Lam Lei will play a vicious criminal.
- Yeung Chiu Hoi will play Kong Ching Lung (江正龍).
- Lau Tin Lung will play a cop.
- Aurora Li will play a cop.
- Deborah Poon will play Cheng Ka Man (鄭嘉敏).
- Otto Chan will play Ng Wai Chung (伍偉忠), a cop.
- William Chu will play a detective.
- Keith Mok will play a detective.
- Kelvin Yuen will play Yuen Pok Lam (袁博林), a Chief Inspector.
- Snowy Bai will play Suki.
- Shek Shau will guest-star as a Commissioner of Police.
- Sharon Chan will guest-star as So Wai Nga (蘇慧雅), a cop. She is Ben's wife.
- Tony Hung will guest-star.

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Personal Note: Another series about undercover cops.... o_O Nice to see Kara back though!

*Credits to 袁偉豪內地粉絲後援會 and TVBUSAofficial

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