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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Andy Lau Worried About New Movie Theme Song, Philip Keung and Ron Ng Make Mistakes as Substitutes


J2 Clip

For the new movie "Shock Wave", Andy Lau is not only producing and starring, but the Mandarin version of the theme song, "Slowly Get Used To", is also sung by and written by him. The MV also has scenes of Andy and female lead Song Jia's romantic storyline.

However, the Cantonese version of the theme song is not sung by Andy. After recording the Mandarin version, Andy flew to Thailand to shoot a commercial, and was originally going to record the Cantonese version after returning from the shoot, but was unfortunately injured from falling from a horse. Thus, he was not able to go to the recording studio. While he was recuperating in the hospital, he was still worried about this matter, always saying that he owed everyone a song.

In the movie, his three good brothers, Philip Keung, Ron Ng, and Babyjohn Choi immediately recommended themselves to help Andy complete the unfinished portion, but it resulted in many mistakes. After getting the lyrics, Philip and Babyjohn, who rarely sing, and Ron, who has sung a bit, immediately said beforehand, "If [we] don't sound good, don't be surprised". After practicing, they finally got the beat, and the pitch accuracy gradually became better. Philip and Babyjohn were very excited; Ron covered his face while laughing and rolled his eyes.

When officially recording, Philip was responsible for holding the microphone, while Ron was timing the beat, but after singing a bit, it became chaotic, not only singing the wrong lyrics, but Philip also joined in at the wrong time, so Ron immediately said, "Not you yet!" When they finally finished singing, they also laughingly said that singing was much more labourious than acting, especially the fact that it was difficult to learn Andy's singing voice.

"Shock Wave" Theme Song

慢慢習慣 《拆彈專家》 主題曲 - 劉德華

作曲: 黃韻仁/施勤
填詞: 劉德華
編曲: Adam Lee
監製: 李安修/陳德建

也沒有想過 到底會不會

才結束寂寞 兩顆心成一對

慢慢習慣一個人 去快樂去傷悲

想你的時候 開始喜歡天黑

Repeat *

我不配 愛不能成灰

不想習慣一個人 拼命走拼命追
為自己贖罪 為你贖罪

*Credits to appledaily and 寰宇娛樂

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