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Monday, February 6, 2017

Kenneth Ma Teaches Edwin Siu to Rebel by Looking at Females


ontv Clip

ontv Clip

ontv Clip

Artistes Kenneth Ma, Edwin Siu, Candy Lo, Angie Cheong, and Pinky Cheung were in TVB City filming for grand production "Deep in the Realm of Conscience". Everyone expressed being very nervous. Producer Mui Siu Ching even went to oversee the work in advance, discussing the filming details with the director...extremely serious.

'Can Also Look if Married'

Kenneth, who portrays a general, laughingly said that he felt very nervous on the first day of filming. The cast and crew also need time to adjust. Regarding the new series having many females but few males, he expressed temporarily not finding it noisy: "Everyone is quiet. Looking at the script by themselves...many still be adapting to the environment". Edwin laughingly said, "May play mahjong in a few days!" When asked whether it was eye candy, Kenneth laughingly said that he definitely must enjoy looking at the females to his heart's content. Instead, Edwin, who already has girlfriend Priscilla Wong, said, "I'll leave it to Kenneth to look!" Kenneth laughingly said, "Why not able to look! So many pretty females. Can also look if married!" Regarding having a romantic storyline with rumoured girlfriend Jacqueline Wong, Kenneth expressed that there is no detailed script yet: "Do not know how it is yet. Only know that I saved her, so she likes me. (Can make something false become true?) Say it however you like!"

Candy, who has not filmed a series in over 20 years, expressed having to practice walking and remember long dialogue...full of difficulty: "Already memorized the dialogue last night, but everyone's requirements are very strict. I am also filming an ancient series for the first time. Have not experienced my heart beating so fast in a long time!" She expressed not lacking in arguing scenes with Angie because the two have a family feud: "Also labourious to film arguing scenes. I usually do not yell at people much. At most, would yell at my sons, but they would not talk back. However, the producer said that I have to yell at people elegantly...cannot be a woman hysterically shouting and cursing in public".

Pinky Cheung Reveals Volume

Because of a waist trimmer, Pinky was busty. She and Angie both have a lot of work to prepare. Pinky said, "The most difficult is challenging classical Chinese and hand gestures. Now, it feels as though I have gone to camp. Not caring about everything outside this half year. When asked whether she would be afraid of a female-oriented series having a lot of gossip, Angie said, "Wait for it! Unavoidable for a palace series". Miss Hong Kong Erin Wong portrays Angie's right-hand woman; she, who has a slim figure, said that she has to gain weight.

*Credits to orientaldaily

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