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Monday, February 27, 2017

Bosco Wong Wants to Break Rumours Record: Accompanied by 24 Pretty Girls, Ordered to Womanize


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Bosco Wong, accompanied by 24 pretty girls, including Priscilla Wong, Yumiko Cheng, Wiyona Yeung, Crystal Fung, Tiffany Lau, Bowie Cheung, Ashley Chu, Wingto Lam, etc., attended a promotional event for "Heart and Greed", introducing the womanizing side of his character, which is the wealthy younger brother of Louise Lee. During the event, Steven Ma, who is guest-starring, appeared to compete for a girl, saying that Priscilla was originally his love.

Bosco expressed that this is the series with the most pretty girls surrounding him in his acting career, and he does not dare to think about the number of bed scenes, but he is sure that his partners are all females with good figures. He also has to build his muscles to handle the skin-revealing scenes. He said, "Wai Siu Bo only had seven wives. I have 20-some. Believe that it will be very fun. Perhaps know that this is the last time that I am performing as a TVB artiste, so treating me better!"

Not Afraid of Japanese Model Girlfriend Getting Jealous

When asked whether he was afraid of rumours, he laughingly said, "If have to have rumours, then should have rumours with all. I hope to break the rumours record!" Was he afraid of Japanese model girlfriend Jun getting jealous, Bosco expressed, "Crazy! I am a professional when I film. Wait until she sees it first!"

Steven Ma Immediately Dies Upon Appearing

Steven revealed being a couple with Priscilla in the series, but he dies upon appearing because he gets a heart attack from making money to buy a flat. Priscilla later falls for his good friend, Bosco. Steven said, "Producer Lau Ka Ho has returned to the company to do a big production. I want to give my support, but I am filming 'Deep in the Realm of Conscience' at the same time, so I can only guest-star for four scenes". Priscilla said that, in the series, she only cries for Steven at his grave, so she feels that it is unfortunate to not have intimate scenes. Steven said that he is a Christian, so there are no taboos when filming death scenes. On the contrary, recently, he has been filming 20-plus hours a day for 'Deep', so he is worried about an old eye injury: "Was injured by a horse while filming 'A Change of Destiny'. My right eyeball is 3mm more sunken in than normal. Now, when I work too long, there is a groove on the eyelid when I work too long. Worried about the eye depression worsening, so I plan to see a doctor".

Yumiko Cheng Not Notifying About Filming Intimate Scenes

Yumiko, who is already a mother, is filming another TVB series after ten years. This time, she will be intimate with Bosco in a sexy look, and she does not plan on notifying her husband: "So rare to be able to get rid of my husband. The series is filming in Hong Kong. The timing is convenient for me to go home to take care of my daughter". Wiyona, who was sexily showing off her chest, is one of Bosco's girlfriends in the series, and is not resistant about filming intense scenes. She said, "Accepting it, since he is a handsome guy!" Her character is also a martial arts actor, so she has some action scenes.

*Credits to mingpao, 狂愛TVB, on.cc, stheadline, eastweek, bastillepost, moreforms, Yes娛樂, tudou, yulexintiandi, gztv, and tvb

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