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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Dicky Cheung Returns to TVB to Film Anniversary Series


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Temporary Chinese title: 《大帥哥》
Pinyin title: Daai Sui Goh
Temporary English title: "Handsome Marshal"
Producer: Tsui Ching Hong

- 30-episode anniversary series for TVB's 50th anniversary.
- Filming commences in mid-March. Filming will take a half year.
- Dicky Cheung will play a handsome marshal.
- The female lead is Sisley Choi. Other actors include Tony Hung, Raymond Cho, Tsui Wing, Zoie Tam, etc.

Dicky Cheung said that there are three reasons for returning to TVB this time, which all revolve around the word 'affection'. He said, "Firstly, this year, TVB is 50 years old...an extremely important year. My performing arts life began here. Grew up well here, and reached my peak. Although not considered to have flown very high, but did not lose face when going outside. Have to thank my mother school".

Dicky said that, secondly, he has to thank the Hong Kong viewers. The focus of his work has not been in Hong Kong for almost 20 years; however, every time he returned to Hong Kong for work, he would receive the cheers and applause of Hong Kong viewers. He even does not have to wait in line for seating when having tea, and viewers also ask him when he would return to Hong Kong to film a series; thus, he hopes to film a series for Hong Kong people to repay Hong Kong citizens. Dicky expressed, "The third reason is to thank one of the important women in my life, which is Catherine Tsang. She watched me grow up. She even knows how many girls I wooed in TVB, but she never forced me to come back. This time is an important day. She personally invited me, so without saying anything further, I agreed to do it".

Personal Note: This was the best cast that TVB could get to act alongside Dicky?! o_O

*Credits to 香港無線TVB8, on.cc, mingpao, stheadline, eastweek, bastillepost, am730, hk01, moreforms, Yes娛樂, youku, and gztv

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