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List updated on Saturday, April 8, 2017.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Tavia Yeung Enjoying the World of Two: Leaving Having a Baby to Fate


TVB8 Clip

ontv Clip

Star Space Clip


Tavia Yeung went to Metro Broadcast to accept a radio interview hosted by Nancy Sit and Bob Lam, in which Nancy gave her a 'double happiness' plate to congratulate her on being sweetly newly married. Nancy taught Tavia to hang that 'double happiness' plate at the head of the bed for the wedding night. Although Nancy urged her many times about the wedding night, Tavia did not feel embarrassed. She said, "It is everyone's expectation. Getting married and building a family, would naturally think that you should have children. We are holding a wedding banquet at the end of the year...want to complete this matter before beginning another page. At the moment, first enjoying living the world of two. Leaving having a baby to fate. If I am pregnant, I will announce it to everyone". Is she already mentally prepared for pregnancy? She said that she is mentally prepared to do other things, using a new identity to take care of her family and family members. Having children in the future would then be performing another role.

Another Format of Collaborating with TVB

Her contract with TVB has already expired...now using another kind of format to collaborate, but will not be filming series for TVB this year. Tavia said, "Being a free agent, there are even more choices. 'The Last Healer in Forbidden City' is not my final production. Will film TVB series again in the future, but the output will not be much...one or two per year, so I can also go to Mainland to expand". Regarding ViuTV's opening pulling down the ratings of "Last", Tavia said to not say that the ratings were snatched. She supports her own series, and has also watched ViuTV at the same time. People should accept new things. Healthy competition and all flourishing...viewers then have more choices.

[040916] Tavia Yeung @ 《開心大派對》



[041516] Tavia Yeung: Facebook Live @ Oriental Sunday


[041616] Shall We Talk - 楊怡哭談謙謙助家人度難關

[042616] 楊怡冧爆謙謙求婚過程

[051416] 東方新地 - 楊怡親述謙謙求婚過程

[051416] 東方新地 - 年尾擺酒使百萬 楊怡:我話不如夾份吖!

*Credits to mingpao, 香港無線TVB8, on.cc, starspace, gztv, tavia.org, orientalsunday, mingpao, and eastweek

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