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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

"ICAC Investigators 2016" Premiere




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Ruco Chan Did Not Know That Priscilla Wong Is a Rich Girl: Find Edwin Siu to Talk

Artistes Ruco Chan, Karmen Kwok, Kenneth Ma, etc. attended the premiere of "ICAC Investigators 2016". TVB executive Cheong Shin Keong and ICAC Commissioner Simon Peh were also in attendance. Ruco, who is currently filming the new series "Winning Attack", appeared with a beard; he revealed that he would have this look for the next three months.

Has Not Watched ViuTV

Regarding ViuTV, which recently had an opening, Ruco expressed that he has not watched it, even supporting TVB by saying, "Well, having competitiveness is good. Viewers are also happy, but TVB series are also constantly filming...keeping up with the times. Other television stations are buying other places' series. Whether it can hold out, and whether it is as good as [our] company, would have be to judged by the viewers. I also have many productions that have not released yet. Also have confidence in my colleagues and the actors. Seeing that 'Blue Veins' is broadcasting, it is not a big problem. Since there is a new television station, congratulations to them; there can be more choices".

Regarding Priscilla Wong's father's construction company being listed today, and that it has been revealed that her family net worth is over a hundred million, Ruco laughingly said that he did not know that she is a rich girl, even saying, "Well, I have to talk to Edwin Siu first. (Will you buy her father's stocks?) Wouldn't it be a little late to buy now? Wait for me to ask her when there would be a second wave is even better!"

Kenneth Ma Wants to Film Intimate Scenes with Charmaine Sheh: Fighting for It

Kenneth revealed that he has been busy filming Wong Jing's new series, "Casino Heroes". Because 35 episodes of screen time needs to be completed in two-plus months, and it takes one-plus hours to drive to the filming location, the actors have to get up early every day, and it is close to midnight before returning to the hotel to rest, so he laughingly said that this was not as comfortable as expected.

Has Not Had Scenes with Patrick Tse Yet

He, who has scenes with Patrick Tse in the series, expressed that, although Patrick has already joined the set, he has yet to work with him; now, it is focused on the scenes of him and Charmaine Sheh, and Raymond Wong, Dominic Ho, and Nat Chan learning gambling, and said, "Do have romantic scenes with Charmaine. I am fighting for more, but the 'TV Queen' is too incredible. Previously collaborated twice, but the romantic storyline was too short. Now filmed to me beginning to have feelings for her. Have not filmed intimate scenes yet...the entire script has not come out yet. (Have you and Charmaine settled it yet?) She is very professional...believe that she would not oppose to it. Just have to see if the plot is right or not!"

Tells Priscilla Wong to Treat to Dinner

Regarding Priscilla's father's construction company being listed today, Kenneth said, "That incredible...really don't know! (Buy his stocks?) I am not really good. No need to. Tell her to treat to dinner. In the future, when the series 'Inspector Gourmet' has a premiere dinner, she should know what to do. A hundred-plus million! A meal is not too out of line! (Edwin went to support like a future son-in-law!) Then it is a happy [thing]. Like Tavia Yeung getting married, also happy for her...able to find her other half".

Karmen Kwok Gets Taught by Ruco Chan

Current Miss Hong Kong Karmen, who filmed a series for the first time, expressed feeling nervous about the production releasing. She, who plays an assistant investigator, hopes that viewers like her performance. Regarding whether senior Ruco guided her on her acting, she said, "Yes. Have many scenes with him. There was a scene where he spit coffee at me. Beforehand, he made me relaxed. In the end, completed it after filming two takes. (When are you filming a new series?) Now doing outdoor [filming] for the programme 'Scoop'. Hope that, with this series releasing, there can be more opportunities to try different things".

The Making of "ICAC Investigators 2016"

Ruco Chan, Natalie Tong & Harriet Yeung on "The Green Room"

*Credits to 鹿小儀, hellochinpang, 香港無線TVB8, on.cc, mingpao, eastweek, and gztv

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