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Friday, April 29, 2016

Moses Chan and Aimee Chan Have a Daughter


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At 4:30pm, over 30 media were waiting at the hospital. Moses Chan and Aimee Chan announced, hand-in-hand, that they had a baby girl. The reporters also cheered for them. Moses laughingly asked if the odds were very good.

Moses and Aimee have always wanted a girl. When asked whether having a girl was a wish come true, Moses said, "Definitely! Having a baby is already a joy sent from heaven. Having a girl is heaven perfecting my life! We have one big happy family!" Their daughter's English name is Camilla. He explained that it represents being noble and very pretty like a little princess; it is a very suitable name for their daughter. Will come up with the Chinese name with the elders. He also said that their daughter resembles her mommy and looks very much like a girl. He also could not help but praise himself by saying that their babies resemble one another and are also pretty. Aimee added that their daughter is very tall like her father; her arms and legs are particularly long. Before being born, the doctor already said that their daughter had a model's body. She was born weighing 7.15 pounds.

Daughter Born Weighing 7.15 Pounds

Camilla was born on April 27th. Moses said that their two sons hurried to the hospital to see their younger sister and wanted to play with her. Aimee's due date was on April 27th. It was a natural birth, and the baby also chose an auspicious time to be born. Moses said that everything was natural and smooth. Although it was Aimee's third birth, she could not help but cry when her daughter was born. She initially thought that she would be very calm, but when she had to give birth, she was still very nervous. It was not until she heard her daughter's loud crying sound that she felt relieved. Moses said that he was worried during the entire process, being nervous every time he accompanied his wife to the delivery room so that they could go through it together.

Aimee Chan: Do Not Like the Term 'Seal the Stomach'

After getting married, they have had three children within three years, two sons and one daughter to create a family of five. When Aimee was asked whether she would be resting, Moses swiftly answered 'yes', but when Aimee was asked whether she would be 'sealing her stomach', she said, " I do not like this term. We are happy now. Can take care of my children, and then begin to work. I definitely want to go to work, but have to look at the nature of the work".

Moses Chan Extremely Pleased: What Else Would I Need

When Moses was asked whether he would give a gift to his wife for having daughter, he said that he would give her a gift but has not bought it yet. He said, "I have a queen, two princes, and a princess. Wow! What else would I need?!" Moses has become the most grateful and blissful man. Having a daughter before Mother's Day is the best gift for Aimee? She said that, whether it is a son or a daughter, there was the best gift these three years. Striving together as a family, it is the feeling of being united and very warm.

FYI: Camilla's Chinese name was later revealed to to be 「凱婷」.

*Credits to on.cc, mingpao, stheadline, bastillepost, eastweek, singpao, moreforms, and Weibo

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