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Monday, February 29, 2016

"I Got Married" - Linda Chung



我結婚了 - 鍾嘉欣

作曲: 鍾嘉欣
填詞: 王祖藍
編曲/監製: 韋景雲

沿路遇著是夢幻白馬 應會開花
可惜跑太快我卻沒有這功架 我那時 未到家
好姊妹亦不用害怕 這天 你也會有點驚訝
誰料愛情來到 太神奇嗎? 我能遇上他

*我結婚了 紅紅鮮花長長婚紗緩緩出嫁
這匹黑馬 心裡仍純白像雪花
我結婚了 能和爸爸還和媽媽陪同出嫁
找到黑馬 風雨沿途灑 陪我飛奔好嗎?

這位公主今天亦恨嫁 黑馬 你知嗎?
每位好友聽我議論你有點誇 我會話 沒有假
新娘妝亦可慢慢化 讓我再看看我的爸媽
為我輕揉裙褂披上頭紗 女兒像你嗎?

Repeat *

有如神話我能騎著馬 跨過 千里 遙遠都不可怕
也許早已注定你 可使我再怒放心花

我結婚了 紅紅鮮花長長婚紗緩緩出嫁
不必牽掛 今日完全付託他
我結婚了 能和爸爸還和媽媽陪同出嫁
這黑馬 風雨沿途灑 陪我飛奔好嗎?
這童話 陪我一生好嗎?

TVBE Clip (022416)

J2 Clip (022516)

"Scoop" Clip (022516)

"Scoop" Clip (022616)

J2 Clip (022816)

"Scoop" Clip (022916)

"Scoop" Clip (022916)

TVB8 Clip


"I Am Married!" - Linda Chung

To all my friends, viewers, and media friends who care about me:

Today, I am announcing that I am married!

Thanks to the media friends for their concern toward me until now; however, those who know me know that, regarding romance and family matters, I have always kept a low profile, hoping to do my best to protect my family that does not belong in the entertainment industry. In my heart, I have always hoped to be the same as everyone, to be able to have my own family and have an ordinary and blissful life.

Thank you, Lord. At the beginning of last year, I finally encountered him, my husband, Jeremy from Vancouver. Since knowing each other, we discovered that we share the same values, beliefs, and countless topics. He is mature and steady, full of love, a devout lover of the Lord, and is also gentle and considerate toward me.

Our love has also gained the support of our parents. The elders also hope for us to get married and have children, and I also hope to build a simple and blissful family with Jeremy.

Finally, last autumn, Jeremy proposed to me, and I accepted it because I am certain that he is the Mr. Right in my life. At the end of last year, we held a solemn and simple wedding witnessed by our parents and God. We are also respecting the elders' wishes to choose an auspicious day, on February 27th, to hold a wedding banquet to share our happiness with family and friends.

Here, I have to thank my sisters, Amazing Esthers: Leanne [Li], Eliza [Sam], Grace [Wong], and Christine [Kuo]. It was hard on you, keeping this secret for me too long! Thank you, Miss [Virginia] Lok and the TVB Artistes Department, for protecting my privacy by making all sorts of accommodations and arrangements when this relationship was just beginning.

Thanks to all my friends who care about me, especially the media friends. You have also been very protective of me. Hope that you 'love me, love my dog', and protect my husband, Jeremy, and understand that he does not necessarily know how to face the media.

Lastly, I thank God for letting me encounter Jeremy. Hope that the Lord guards and blesses our marriage!

Also, bless each and every one of you to also be safe and blissful!

Linda Chung

*Credits to LovingTBB, azdrama.biz, and 娛樂最前線e-news

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