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Friday, February 5, 2016

Contract with TVB Expiring in April, Has Not Decided to Stay or Leave: Tavia Yeung Clarifies That She Did Not Refuse to Collaborate with Gallen Lo


Apple Daily Clip

Tavia Yeung's contract is expiring soon, and it has not been settled with TVB. There was a report saying that TVB used a collaboration with Gallen Lo in a new series to persuade her, but she has turned it down, causing their relationship to turn sour, even affecting her series with Roger Kwok, "The Last Healer in Forbidden City", to be pulled from release.

'Still Discussing, I Have Not Left Yet'

Is Tavia leaving to venture outside? Through a phone interview, she said that there has not been a further decision. She said, "Still discussing. I have not left yet! I have been in TVB for so many years. Have a lot of feelings here. Will miss it. Have to think very clearly. Both sides slowly discussing it. There are many modes of collaboration. Discussing until an agreement is reached. (Do you want to advance into Mainland and in terms of movies?) I also want to advance in many aspects. Hope to find a new direction with the company". Regarding the rumour that her contractual issues affected the indefinite broadcast date of "Last Healer", she believes that it is not related. Tavia said, "I am not the only one in the series. The company has many series. Believe that there will be an internal decision for the broadcast date".

Family and Boyfriend Giving Support

Tavia specially clarified that she did not refuse to collaborate with Gallen. She said, "I feel that it is very unfortunate to not be able to collaborate with Gallen this time. It is rare for him to return to TVB to film a series. Believe that there will be new sparks. It's just that my contract expires during the filming of this series. There are many details that have not been settled. Cannot have the producer accommodate me. Do not want to hinder filming, so told the producer my reason". Has boyfriend Him Law given her his opinion? She expressed that her family and friends have also been concerned with her direction, but have not given her pressure, rather giving support, saying that the most important is that she feels happy and comfortable.

Virginia Lok: Have Always Been Discussing Contract Renewal

When asking Virginia Lok, the Controller of Production Resources Division of TVB, about the matter of Tavia's contract, she expressed that she has always been discussing the matter of contract renewal with Tavia. Gallen's new series begins filming in March, with Wong Wai Sing producing. She said that Tavia was one of the candidates discussed. Reportedly, at the moment, TVB plans to let a new generation fa dan star. The candidates include Ali Lee, Grace Chan, etc. Jacqueline Wong will play Gallen's stepdaughter.

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*Credits to mingpao and appledaily

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